Modern, Rustic Family-Friendly Media Room – Week 4

Gah! Can you believe we’re at week 4 already!?! Like whaaaaa…. Having participated in a couple One Room Challenges before I know how important Week 4 really is. For me, it’s the week of a massive push. If you want to read more of the following weeks, click Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3.


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This week was all about painting, paneling, rug sourcing, and installing the ceiling light fixture!

First, we had to clear out all that big, oversized furniture out of the room so we could make room for painting. Remember this is what the room sort of looked like before…

Before 2Before 3

Just waaaaay too big and not functional and really, really ugly.

We chose to paint using leftover paint we had from the last One Room Challenge. This is by local and family-owned Hirschfield’s and the color is Shell Tint. What I love most about working with Hirschfield’s is not only their years and years of experience and expertise but they truly welcome you as part of their family and invite you in. Now that’s a company I can get behind. This room is such a small room and I only needed 3 walls painted so it was nice to have leftover paint already on hand and of course that helped keep the budget down. I did have a painter paint this room and I would like for you to know that it took a solid 3 coats of Shell Tint to go over the old dark color without it bleeding through.

Next, we also installed the ceiling light fixture. Remember in Week 1 I talked a little bit about the three types of lighting (general, ambient and task)?

Want to see it?

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Isn’t it gorgeous? And the bright white background truly allows this fixture to stand out like a piece of art.

This fixture is the Satellite 6 Chandelier by none other than Schoolhouse Electric. Schoolhouse is based out of Portland, Oregon and their light fixtures like many other items they curate are handmade in their own factory. This was custom made to my specified stem height of 18″. (we have 8 1/2′ ceilings in here and I enjoy when ceiling fixtures hang a little lower such as over a table). Click here to take a tour of their factory! Understanding their ethos has really made me appreciate the work and craftsmanship and artistry that goes into each piece and the love they all share for their work. I’ll share more about Schoolhouse Electric a little later on as well so stay tuned.

Next, I went rug hunting! Rug sourcing can be challenging and daunting in some cases but this time I partnered with the right person who truly was a saint! (Ha! If you know me and alllll my questions you can understand how patient she was with me). Take your time when sourcing rugs, especially antique and vintage rugs. Get to know your dealer and ask them questions and for ideas, they truly are the experts when pulling rugs together to create the look you’re envisioning!

Ok. Meet Ellary.

HENSLIN founder Ellary Asche started her shop with a rooted vision to create one of a kind homes with one of a kind pieces.

Henslin 1

This past weekend I finally had the honor of meeting sweet Ellary in person and take a little tour of her one of a kind pieces at a fun pop up event where I was so inspired!
HENSLIN is a curated collection of handmade and one of a kind antique or vintage rugs. The one I sourced from her dates pre-1905 and is a beautiful Persian rug which I’ll share more of below.
Henslin 5
Based in Minneapolis, Ellary prides the work of each new collection through the thoughtful practice of slow curation. With this process, HENSLIN has grown beyond just rugs.
Henslin 2
Henslin 3
HENSLIN also creates one of a kind pet beds from antique and vintage rugs that were beyond repair, the Pet Collection was established and recently launched online. Click here to shop!
Henslin Pet
You all know how much I love supporting local and small and independent businesses. Finding brands/people that I can truly stand behind and share with all of you is an honor and a privilege that I don’t take lightly. Curating our homes is personal and finding the right resources and brands to bring into our homes that cherish the same values we hold dear is so, SO important to me. Have I made mistakes along the way? Yes, of course, but I’ve learned so much and have grown so much at the same time from those experiences, and now I try to source more thoughtfully and intentionally.
Ellary like me, has quickly learned the power of collaboration and no longer associates a business’s success with numbers but instead with the relationships created along the way.
Henslin 4

If you’ve followed my journey along Instagram I have certainly grown since I first started out on that platform and while I’ve learned so much traveling down the path of social media I have changed. I no longer look at those numbers and base value off them. I do appreciate each and every person who has followed my journey and stuck it out with me and everyone who leaves such inspiring comments, I’ll be forever thankful for them! All of that just to say that I try very, very hard to source the right brands and products to share with all of you. Products that I really do use in my own home. For those following me on Instagram (@creekwoodhill) you may have also noticed that I shop more independently than from big box stores (not saying I don’t run to Target or Ikea, I most certainly have and do!).  But for my more investment purchases I turn to heirloom quality pieces and find those from retailers like Schoolhouse Electric and many others I’ve shared with you in the past and will share with you in a couple of weeks.

Wow, that got way off topic quickly didn’t it?   Squirrel!

Ok, want a sneak peek of the rug I selected?

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Again, I just love how the colors pop against the all-white backdrop! Sooooo good!

With all of that going on this week (I told you this was a big week for me) I also installed the paneling! (with the help of my dad of course). We didn’t quite finish but we don’t have too much more to go.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Here we’re channeling our American Gothic vibe.

The material I used is from Stikwood and I chose Golden Oak with a European oil finish. I love that Stikwood uses wood from recycled material and of course, they’re Responsible Forestry Certified. Stikwood was so easy to work with and their simple peel and Stik install were just what I needed especially working on such a tight deadline and with my DIY skills (which on a meter of 1-10 is a 3. I’m a solid 3 though so it’s fine, I’m fine).

Stikwood 1
Golden Oak

Stikwood even has a handy calculator to help you determine how much material you’ll need or feel free to give them a call or chat!

Stikwood 2

Next, I gathered the necessary tools we needed for this job. I’ll make a list below.

I’ve also partnered with Black + Decker because what girl doesn’t love power tools, right? Black + Decker was so generous to provide all the necessary tools we would need to install the paneling and of course safety gear, because Safety First!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

First I prepped by wiping down the walls so that they’re free of any dust or grime that might would cause the Peel and Stik not to stick.

Next, I sort of pre-sorted the different pieces of wood so we had an idea of what we were working with and what pieces we’d need and where.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Then together we…measured and measured (and measured) and cut. Measure twice, cut once, right?

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

Getting this angle right was the most complicated part. I didn’t want a piece of trim to hide the cuts against the wall so our measurements (or my dad’s, let’s just be real) had to be 100% precise.

I was gifted a Black + Decker circular saw with a laser for precision cutting but we ended up needing a table saw (which is what my dad had) so, me being a newbie with DIY’s didn’t know that…however, I can’t thank Black + Decker enough for their generosity and you can find the circular saw here if you’re shopping for one.

After making our cuts which I’ll share a little later because it was tough cutting and trying to take pictures. Ha!

We held the panel up for extra measure to make sure it was an exact fit before sticking to the wall.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

Triple making sure it’s level while tightly butted up against the wall.

I then removed the peel and Stik paper backing.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Just like that and up went the first board on the wall!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

After securing the panel to the wall, using the Stikwood recommended J Roller I rolled across the panel to ensure it was secure and remove any possible air bubbles.

Next, we moved on down the wall.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

As stated earlier, we didn’t finish this in the few hours we had together but we did make it up this side of the wall. I’ll share more progress next week with the final reveal of the wall. Ok, so what do you need to get started on a Stikwood panel project?

Tools Needed:

Level                                                                                                                                                              Safety glasses and gloves                                                                                                                     J Roller                                                                                                                                                          Miter Box (unless using a table saw which probably adjusts to the angle’s you’ll need)  Measuring Tape                                                                                                                                          Table Saw (in my opinion was the best solution over a circular saw)                                      Sander (this came in handy, but not necessary) we used a sander to shave off just a schmidge in some parts because as you know, houses settle)                                                      Trim Saw (again, this isn’t necessary) but it helped when we needed to rip down a couple panels once we got down to the baseboards.                                                                      Jig Saw (another tool not necessary) but helpful when making cuts around outlets and door frames.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

In this picture, I’m noticing a couple boards look like they’re popping out but in real life, I assure you they’re not. It may have been my angle.


Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read this week’s post (I know it was a pretty lengthy one) we certainly had a lot to put into it!

See ya next week where I’ll move onto more of the Stikwood wall, what Black + Decker tools I used or found helpful to tackle this project, the fireplace installation and furnishings, and accessories alllllll before Reveal Week!



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One Room Challenge – Master Bedroom Makeover – Week 5


Welcome back to my Master Bedroom Makeover! Can you believe we’re onto week 5 already? If you’d like to catch up and read, click on the following weeks to see the progress: week 1, week 2, week 3 and week 4. So much has been done and we’ve discussed so many steps and important details and decisions such as paint, paint finish, organic mattresses, how to measure drapery and the right size rug for a bedroom. This week we’re going to talk about the fun stuff! Decor and accessories.


As you may have remembered (especially if you’re following me on Instagram @creekwoodhill) we’ve had this bed for YEARS! It’s from Restoration Hardware and in polished nickel. I don’t believe they sell it any longer but it was such a classic style that I knew long ago we needed something like this. I am a HUGE advocate for going with classic shapes and aesthetics on pieces that you won’t change out often. Unlike the brass version, I thought the polished nickel here kicked it up a notch and gave it a bit more of a modern personality and equally unlike the black finish you see on many farmhouse beds of this style I thought the polished nickel gave it more glam and presence. (ignore the fact that I still need to steam or iron the bedding, they’re quite wrinkly but I wanted to get them on the bed).

No lamp

Remember we talked about rugs last week? Here’s a little view from the side of our bed (standard king size) so you can see what I was referring to. Let’s talk bedding a little bit, I chose very, very simple linens. I consider my style to be wabi-sabi (perfectly imperfect) and I love mixing old and new. The sheets on the bed are organic sheets by Target’s Threshold line.


I thought that these would give a subtle pattern next to the blanket at the foot of our bed. I had my eye on another pattern but thought the scale of the print would be too large and too busy next to the main print (the blanket).







Here you can see the two patterns next to one another and if I would’ve gone with a larger print on the sheet I think it would’ve called for too much attention. The blanket here is my favorite piece, absolutely heirloom quality. This is from Schoolhouse Electric and to me, there’s nothing they do wrong. Anything I’ve purchased from them I know will last for years and generations, so while some of their things may be a bit of a splurge on the pocketbook, in my mind I know they’ll last and I won’t have to replace them. Quality over quantity, it’s the wabi-sabi way.  I love mixing patterns. It’s become one of my favorite elements of design. I’m definitely not a textile expert but I do love how the ticking stripes of the draperies, the geometric design on the rug, the bold graphic pattern on the blanket and the small delicate print on the sheets all play together cohesively.


Adding the decor pieces into a room to me isn’t about always running to some store to grab mass produced things off the shelves that are probably on “sale” for 50% or more, or I need some ridiculous coupon to get the “discount”.  For me, when I look for decor pieces for our home, I enjoy the hunt of a good vintage, antique or past loved piece. Again, something that was made to last, maybe handcrafted (usually USA made) or even utilitarian by design. The downside to scouring through those musty thrift stores or antique shops? You don’t always find what you need or are looking for. And yet, that is still part of the fun for me.


Here I found some old/used books at the thrift store and grouped together in the same color family of “blue” they sort of neutralize. I also found this vintage-inspired lamp on clearance at Target (because the metal base echoes the cool tone of the metal on the bed) – see, I don’t always shop thrifted or handmade, here’s evidence of a mass produced lamp in my house! Gah! However, while I don’t expect this will last generations, it was a nice modern contrast to this vignette against the books and the vintage brass swan.

While I have you here. Let’s talk mixing metals (since we talked a little about mixing textiles up top). I believe it’s OK to mix metals too! But I do have a little guideline:

  • Start with a dominant metal – in my case, it’s the large polished nickel bed, which also makes a little cameo in the silver finish on the lamp (above). Your dominant metal should be the focal metal in the room.
  • Layer in a secondary metal – in our room it’s the ebony hardware on the doors, the French rods and accent on the ceiling fixture.
  • The cherry on top – this is your accent metal – in this room, it’s the vintage brass swan and the bedside table lamps and the brass candlesticks and even an old brass clock which doubles as a compass too (one of my favorite thrifted finds).

IMG_3543This is the lamp I chose for the bedside tables but they haven’t been delivered yet and TBH I’m getting a little nervous. Photographers will be here tomorrow and so my deadline is closing in on me.








Since our bed is metal, it’s not like it would have matching metal dressers (like a wood set would have), but that’s ok with me. I tend to steer clear of matching sets of anything anyways. This is a vintage mid-century dresser I found on Craigslist last summer that I knew would one day go in our bedroom. Could I clean up the hardware? Sure. Will I? I’m not so certain but time will tell. With the exception of that lamp and print, everything here has been thrifted. (which obviously takes time). And what’s one thing the One Room Challenge doesn’t give? Time. While I planned on adding more to this wall, it’s just not going to happen. Not by tomorrow anyway.

All prints were framed by Art to Frames out of Brooklyn, NY. What I love most about Art to Frames? They’re handcrafted, right in the USA  out of Brooklyn by their team of artisans using quality materials like mine (which are solid oak). The ordering process is SO easy and they ship quickly, well packed and right to your door! Another detail I love about Art to Frames? I don’t have to send my beloved artwork, print or vintage painting to them in order to have it framed. Unlike another direct to mail framing company that made me a nervous wreck when I sent off a vintage charcoal drawing of my daughter when she was 1 year old to have custom framed. (yes, it did arrive back in excellent condition but the process was not that fast). With Art to Frames, the frame comes to YOU!


Ok, let’s take a look at the other side of the room.


Every home needs a full-length mirror, it’s a necessity. While I had my eye on a pricier mirror…this one from Ikea did just the trick and as with all Ikea wonders this offers hidden storage behind the mirror. Now, if I had loads and loads of jewelry, that would be where my stash is but alas, I do not. I only own a couple pieces and you guessed it, most are vintage and passed down to me from family. But that doesn’t keep me from loving the modern, minimalistic style of this mirror and the black frame nods to the secondary metals in the room. Next to the mirror, however, are these lovely, handcrafted (made in Portland, OR) wall hooks.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I love the leather detail on the front and the wood blocks on the back, I love the simplistic design of them and how they look like wall art on their own. These are crafted by Grovemade and I’ve linked them here for you.

Well, that’s all I have for you this week friends! Decor and accessorizing don’t need to be costly if you have the time to invest in hunting for special pieces. Sometimes all you need is a trip to grandma’s house or a great aunt! And sometimes, it’s all about tag sales, thrift stores, antique shops and flea markets. Whichever it is for you, happy hunting!


All my best,



A special THANK YOU to my sponsors as you have helped make this room into our haven.


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And a very special thank you to the hosts of the One Room Challenge.

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Please make sure you check out the hundreds of other SUPER talented designers and DIY-ers HERE.



One Room Challenge – Master Bedroom Makeover – Week 3


Welcome back! This week was full of final paint selections, draperies and hardware were received, and a mattress! I am in love with all of it and I think it is going to pull off nicely! Minimalism-ish but definitely cozy, simple and meaningful. Peppered with quirky vintage finds because that’s just my style. I love quirky and fun pieces.

Ok, let’s get started because we have 3 biggies to talk over.

Let’s first start with the paint selection. If you’ve followed along on Instagram Stories @creekwoodhill the paint vote was between Glacier Mountain and Shell Tint by Hirshfield’s and so I picked up some samples to make larger swatches in our room. Our room is very dark for two reasons, one it faces west and two the already dark color in the room makes it dark. Being that it’s dark, it does make it difficult to get a true feeling for the new color. But here goes:

Hirshfields Paint

I took these 4 colors and sampled them on a larger wall.

Paint swatch white and green

Which would you choose? Take a vote on Instagram @creekwoodhill!

Here I sampled just the two whites next to our trim. Very close but one is slightly warmer.

White paint swatches

Sorry for the poor lighting and grainy pic, this large window makes it difficult to get a good picture here.

Now that I have the two whites narrowed down, I will make the final selection this week and then you’ll see what we went with next week! Hopefully, we get all the painting done in time to stay on track!

Now, moving on to the curtains! Calico Corners is a company I’ve worked with in the past and they’re soooo good! So naturally, I chose to work with them again on this project. They are extremely helpful, knowledgeable and easy to work with. Sometimes textiles can be scary and if you’re like me, a bit intimidating. There’s so many! And unlike paint (if you don’t like the color you can re-paint) well…textiles can become very costly. But they’re SO worth the investment. If and when you can, go with great textiles! They just look good, feel good and hang so much better than off the shelf curtains. (Which I’ve done plenty of by the way, and still have some in my home). BUT remember, this master bedroom makeover was about purposeful, thoughtful and meaningful design. That meant carefully selecting materials that would last and last and last. So I wanted to go with a custom curtain that would look tailored for our room and Calico Corners has ALL the experts (especially when I’m not).

Last week I shared with you my textile selection click here if you want to read more. But this week I wanted to test install them. Test install them? Well, since they’re custom I wanted to make sure I measured correctly (Calico Corners does also offer free design services) but I figured I could handle most of this myself. So up they went, hardware and all and I almost died. Seriously. I fell head over heels with them and how full and gorgeously tailored they are. They just kiss the floor perfectly! (Yes, I’ll talk more about kissing draperies in the reveal).

Here’s an up and close sneak peek:

Calico Corners

Clearly, someone else loves them as much as I do (Thank you Mister for modeling so fiercely). Yall! I love them so much I did the whole Sound of Music scene where Maria is in her bedroom dancing to My Favorite Things with the old draperies that she’ll make into play clothes for the children. (eerily my bed looks somewhat similar to the bed in that scene as well)  Oh…I digress.

Ok finally, let’s talk about mattresses! Again, keeping with my design motto of keeping things purposeful, thoughtful and meaningful, a great mattress was not left out of the equation. After all, this is a master bedroom, right? So not just any mattress was going to do and I was disgusted by what I was finding in the big box stores (that’s a whole other subject for another day). That’s when I turned my attention to My Green Mattress. I’m trying to become more aware and more conscious of the products I bring into our home. I shop thrifted and vintage quite a bit, not just because I love it but because I feel it helps restore life to something with a past life and possibly headed to the dumpster. And we don’t want that! So when I found My Green Mattress, I knew they weren’t just an ordinary mattress company touting “we’re green”. No. You can even view their Gold standard certification right here. They are GREEN! Another reason I chose My Green Mattress over other brands was that I love they’re family owned. Coupled with the fact that this father found a solution and went to work to develop a product that was safe for his children. Talk about meaningful design right there! A real passion and purpose! Shouldn’t all great design come from a thoughtful purpose? I’m not going to go into all the details of the construction of the mattress on this post but you can read more about them here.

So after receiving our mattress which I could not photograph and roll out at the same time because I’d need more than 2 hands. (Ha!) which by the way was suuuuper easy. It popped up into its shape right away! I wish I had a video recording because my husband was just fascinated! You can also read more FAQ here. As with any purchase you should research and shop for what fits your family best. My Green Mattress fit all the check mark boxes for us! We chose the Natural Escape in a King size.

  • 100% natural wool (sourced from California) √
  • GOTS Certified organic cotton √
  • 100% all natural, GOLS certified organic Dunlop latex √
  • Intentionally designed with love √

My Green Mattress 2My Green Mattress 5



I hope you enjoyed some of my polls on Instagram and I hope you are loving my decisions as much as I do, next week we’ll talk more about progress, more photos that I think you’ll see a big change with and a little more about my design decisions and how I pulled this look together. In the meantime here’s another peek at some deliveries!

Paint Selection

Yup! That’s the rug!


See you soon!



A special Thank you to my generous sponsors:

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And Thank you to the hosts of the One Room Challenge

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Spring 2018 – One Room Challenge Week 1



Welcome back, friends! It’s been awhile and I’m so excited to get back into the swing of things around here! There’s just something about springtime that gets my creativity going and ready to tackle something new.

This year I will be designing our master bedroom! When I say I’m excited please understand that is an understatement! I have waited and waited to FINALLY design our bedroom. We have been in this house going on 2 years now and it’s one of the last rooms to get sprinkled with some personality. How many of you work on all of the other rooms in the house (including the kids’ spaces) and leave your own to the wayside or last place? I think it’s because we tend to want everyone else to feel at home and comfy first and we get so busy we forget to take care of ourselves.



This year I decided I’ll tackle ours during this spring’s One Room Challenge because there’s nothing like a little pressure and deadlines to get this girl going! Ha!

So please stick with me every Thursday for the next few weeks where I’ll be sharing with you my design process, progress, and reviews along the way. If you follow me on Instagram @creekwoodhill I will also post a couple interactive polls where YOU can help ME! Plus, find some of the BTS (Behind the scenes) on Instagram Stories!

What is on our master bedroom wishlist you ask?

  • Simplicity
  • Thoughtful design
  • Meaningful pieces
  • Coziness
  • Playfulness

What does that all equate to?

  • A truly purposeful living space


Ok, so do you want to see a little idea of what I have planned for our room?



In this house we do fun and we don’t take ourselves seriously (most days). We’re a laid-back and casual family who loves a good, thrifted find but appreciates well-crafted heirloom quality pieces as well. Anything new must be made to last. And to last generations. Quality over quantity is a rule in this house. If it makes you smile and feel good, it stays. If we don’t use it or it’s a meaningless, non-sensical “prop” it goes.

Simple rules, right?

And that’s the goal. Simplicity.

Well thank you very much for stopping by, I best get going as we have lots to get done in a short 5 weeks and I hope to see you here next Thursday as well as on Instagram!








How to Refresh Your Kitchen

Good morning! Today I want to share with you some of the mistakes I’ve made as well as how my original kitchen design didn’t go so well…and I’ll share with you my new refresh design board since my turn of events.

If you’d  like to see my original kitchen refresh design board click HERE. Some of you may know already if you follow me on Instagram (@creekwoodhill) that my oversized pendant lights did arrive but oversized is an overstatement. They were ginormous yall. Seriously like the size of a baby car. So much for my measurements!  Besides that they were beautiful and I tried hard to find a place in our home to fit just one of them. But nevertheless they went back to the store.

Next was this rug from Target.

Target Rug

It’s a beautiful rug but in person it wasn’t this light in color. It’s heavier on the gray tones and the pink was slightly more orange-y than what is shown. More apricot than pink. So this was my second fail.

And lastly the vintage rattan counter stools I had my heart set on…in real life they were hideous. No wonder they were priced so cheap!

About the only thing that arrived and looked amazing were my cabinetry hardware! Click HERE to see where you can find them.

So last week as I was crying that I’m at week 3 and haven’t even started I decided to hit the ground running. I sourced a fresh new wallpaper, lighting, decor and a rug!

CWH Kitchen for ORC Mood 3


I am in love with the way this look he together. I love a mix of pattern and textures and I still think I’ve accomplished that. I still think I have warmed up the space and I love the blue accents. Especially that wallpaper! If it were a dress I’d wear it! Along side my kitchen refresh (and the basement remodel I’m helping with, click HERE to read more how that’s going), I’m also prepping for another home tour blog hop which I can’t wait to share with yall! This little house named Creekwoodhill is definately packing some visual punch and I’ve been a busy thrifter!

Well, until next week (where I’ll share more of the basement remodel) I’ll be busy over here installing wallpaper and light fixtures while sourcing some great new finds!


Thanks for stopping by!



DIY Light Fixture

Hey ya’ll! It’s been a while since I last shared a fun project with you and if you follow me on Instagram @creekwoodhill you’ve probably already seen my DIY light fixture that was inspired by none other than Schoolhouse Electric. Like so many others I love vintage pieces and I love finding fun and modern ways to include them in my home. While this fixture is not vintage it is vintage inspired. The fixture I chose and will show you how I implemented my own spin on it was a schoolhouse semi flush pendant purchased from Home Depot.

I wanted to refresh our little urban farmhouse and take it in a fun new direction which is when I stumbled upon Schoolhouse Electric’s light fixture and I absolutely fell head over heels for it but it was just out of my small budget so with a little creativity I created my own.


Schoolhouse Electric Light Fixture


This is the fixture that was the inspiration to my own DIY.









DIY Light Fixture by Creekwoodhill



This is my fixture that I created.









Now I’ll show you how:  diy-light-fixture-supplies


What you’ll need:

  • Painters Tape
  • Rust-oleum metallic spray paint (I used gold)
  • Acrylic Paint (your choice and color, I mixed gray and black for a more charcoal hue 3 parts gray to 1 part black)
  • Paint brush
  • Light fixture




I first taped off my fixture (sorry in advance for the grainy picture). I also measured my spaces because I wanted them evenly spaced out. This was tricky as the globe was round and not evenly cylindrical so the tape cinched up in places which caused paint to bleed later (I’ll show my solution to that in a bit).











Next I painted the globe. I sat it on a bowl I had because it was easier to spin while painting in order to eliminate as many brush strokes as possible while still leaving brush strokes because you know…I’m crazy like that and I wanted it to look hand painted. Brush strokes…but not too many brush strokes…lol! The picture on the right is after the paint had dried and I removed the tape…



See all those whiskers? Yup, my solution? I took a straight razor (not pictured) and gently scraped them all off, which ended up being a pretty easy task.

diy-light Super easy (again sorry for the grainy pic)


Next up the base. The inspiration light fixture had a brushed silver base and the fixture I purchased from Home Depot did too but I really wanted a brushed gold finish. So with my Rust-oleum metallic gold spray paint I lightly sprayed the base of the fixture. Any areas that looked like paint dripping (extra tip: acetone nail polish does the trick to clean up very nicely).


All hung up

DIY Light Fixture by Creekwoodhill


There you have it! Easy peasy just the type of DIY I like!

Be sure to check back soon as I will be teaming up for another home tour blog hop and we have some fun ideas to share with all of you!


See ya soon!