Building Our Urban Farmhouse

Farmhouse Kitchen

Creekwoodhill is all about mixing the old with the new and the past with the future. A Minnesota based interior design Company, founded in 2009 specializing in modern farmhouse style with country soul. Creekwoodhill Farm delivers vintage and modern farmhouse style mixed with industrial and rustic elements. It is here you will be welcomed with farm life in the city and the future addition of bees, The Market (opening soon) which consists of an occasional sale of found and curated items and the ever so curious farm cat or two.

Inspired by vintage farmhouse style and the industrial elements often found throughout the city, Creekwoodhill Farm is designed to make you feel right at home with a collected and easy breezy, put your feet up feel.

The Market at Creekwoodhill is expected to open Fall of 2016 with more details to be announced.


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