Our Modern Kitchen Makeover

You may wonder how many kitchen makeovers can be done in one room and with the word “modern.” How does modern describe a space? Is it trendy, contemporary, minimalistic, bare, industrial? Or how about all of it. I am often asked what is my design style? If I had a name for it, what would I call it? That’s a very good question, I’ll reply. Because to me, “modern” simply means the way we use a space, feel in a space and the overall aesthetic of a space in the moment of today.



So today, I’m going to show you how I changed the aesthetic of our traditional kitchen into a modern kitchen. But first let’s talk just a little bit about me because to know me is to understand me and to understand me is to know where I’ve come from.

When describing my design style to other people, I often can’t. Because that would mean putting a label on myself and as a creative that’s just almost near impossible. Why? Because we’re ever evolving and changing. Friends will laugh at how many times I’ve changed out light fixtures or rugs or decor in our home. My husband dramatically rolls his eyes and I, well, I simply shrug. Now I’m not here to advocate changing out all your lighting in your home every 6 months but I am here to share with you how simple changes can help breath new life into a space and most with little cost or effort.

When we built our home, the kitchen was thought about the most, as I’m sure most families do when planning their home and how they will live in it. I’ve always loved older, classic homes and we often spend Sunday afternoons driving around some of the most beautiful neighborhoods in our city admiring them. There’s something so romantic about fantasizing about fixing up an old gem and restoring it back to it’s original glory. Unless you’ve done it before, you’re probably thinking lady are you crazy?

Ok, I digress. Back to my kitchen. I wanted a classic style, I wanted that feel of an older 1920’s style kitchen but with modern functionality. So I designed the bones about my kitchen to be just that. Next was the easy and fun part. Decorating! My first tip? Live with a space for a good while to get a feel for how your space moves and feels. Ours wanted to be traditional but with a little somethin somethin. So in went beautiful traditional style lighting and gorgeous brass hardware, with layers and layers of pretty traditional decor.


(very traditional style)


BUT…as we lived with it, that “somethin” wasn’t giving me what it needed to give me. Why? Because it wasn’t how we lived. Not truly. We’re not traditional style people, we are  quirky, uniquely ambiguous, all over the place, messy and not messy, simple and carefree. So, no wonder the traditional style didn’t feel right for us. Back to the drawing board I went. I studied the places we visit, what draws our eye, what is beautiful to us, and how do we live. How DO we live?

We eat out, grab take out, order pizza most days and then there are the few and far in between days where I love to cook. BUT, I cook when I’m feeling inspired. We live juuuust on the outskirts of the city and we love it. We’re in the city at local eateries, bars and lounges nearly every day and yet we love to entertain. We shop mostly thrifted and the other parts of our home that are new, need to be timeless. So with all of that wrapped up, I thought we needed a kitchen that felt the way we live.


Lighting was the first to go. Down went the traditional pendants and up went simple and clean lined pendants that gave a bit of an architectural feel of modernism to me. These dome pendants are by Troy linked here. I love the simplicity of them and with the dome shade the lighting focuses on where I need it most which is on the island. The diffusers are a wonderful detail because they soften the light and take the glare away that would be present with other lighting. I also chose the 16″ diameter shade over our 7′ island. We have 9′ ceilings and when hanging fixtures over an island I like to stay 34″-36″ above the countertop.


(before lighting) Very pretty but just not us.


Next was to update the hardware. The brass was beautiful and I still love brass. It’s in the clock in our kitchen by Schoolhouse Electric and dining room light fixture by Hudson Valley Lighting. But in here, I wanted to step back. So I selected simple bin pulls with a classic feel and knobs that nod to a bit of minimalism. Here I chose these classic pieces by Top Knobs in flat black. You can find them here and the knobs here if you’re searching for this look.


I love the classic contrast of black and white.


(This is the before hardware) – Very traditional.


Am I a minimalist? No. Not a chance. Some days I wish I were but that is a true lifestyle of self control that I have no control over whatsoever. I’m like the Japanese word “wabi-sabi”. Perfectly imperfect and that’s what makes this girl tick.

After new lighting and hardware which made a huuuuge difference. Something was still “off”. And like Oprah, I had my Ahah! moment. The counter stools were so off. And badly off. They were cheap and by cheap, I mean it in every sense possible. They weren’t walnut although they were trying to be, they didn’t have brass feet but they wanted to dance in brass’s shoes and they were freaking slippery! Like don’t sit down too fast or you’ll slide right off of them. That’s when I scoured for new stools. I wanted something architecturally unique and interesting but functional. Must be functional. These beauties I found at build.com. They’re stylish and sturdy and for short people like me, the foot rest was a must! I also love the overall aesthetic of them, they’re artfully designed and with a little sculptural beauty to them.


(These were the previous stools – see in the background) extremely not comfortable.


So what’s next on the design checklist when creating a space that’s beautiful AND functional? Because a kitchen MUST be functional. I mean this isn’t Sex In The City and I’m no Carrie Bradshaw here. I really do put pizza in our oven.

One of my design guidelines is, rooms ought to flow from one to the other cohesively. They don’t need to “match” but they do need to complement.

So when looking for the decor pieces to add, I of course looked around our own home first. Dishes and pieces that are pretty enough to stand on their own as decor but useful enough that we can grab them down and well…use them. Everything in this kitchen gets used. And most of it is thrifted!


I love this little conversion chart it comes in handy all the time!


Our home is small so storage space is at a premium. Brooms, step stools and dustpans even go on open display in our house.


This simple little print was gifted to me by my good friend Kathleen, her art can be found here. Almost every meal is cooked in this cast iron pot. I tell my daughter all the time one day she’ll make her family’s meals in here.


More pieces that we use daily but when displayed on an open shelf can be artful as well. Artful storage.



I love a rug in the kitchen too. And this one I admit is a splurge but the beauty and warmth it adds in here makes it sooooo worth it! When you can, invest in good rugs. You can find more of these vintage beauties here. Again, my daughter will thank me one day when she begins creating a home of her own (or so I hope).


I mentioned I love thrifting and as a family we thrift together often which is fun! Another passion is finding small and/or local shops that have a story to tell on their own and who produce or procure some of the most amazing pieces. Here are a couple of my favorites:

  1. Golden Age Design – I love their Danish pieces and their eye for detail and quality is immeasurable! Plus, they’re super fun and knowledgable!


2. Carthage.Co – I love their stoneware and their story of ethically sourced dinnerware      is a must read! You will love their beautiful products.


3. Schoolhouse Electric – I am always and will always be an advocate for their goodies!


I do hope you enjoyed this read. Thank you so VERY much for stopping by and I hope that it provided a couple tips if you’re planning your own kitchen makeover or design as well as a few new resources to check out!


Come back soon!




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Master Bedroom Makeover – Reveal


We finally made it! Can you believe it’s reveal week already?! I have so much to talk about (alllll the details) so I won’t fill you up on small talk, let’s dive right in!

TEM Photography

If you’d like to catch up on previous weeks click the following: week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4 and week 5. We spoke a lot about paint and even took a paint poll where you all helped narrow down my choices – THANK YOU so much! It was a toss between Glacier Mountain and Shell Tint. We ultimately went with Shell Tint by Hirshfield’s in eggshell. If you want to learn more about choosing the right paint finishes, I laid them out for you in week 4. I also went with Hirshfield’s platinum ceramic in their ultra premium line for the best coverage. We painted over a really dark color and going to white I thought we would need a primer but nope! Come to find out from our painter, primer is really only necessary with new drywall. Otherwise a good coverage paint is all you need and we only needed 2 coats! Without sounding like a commercial or “pitchy” I truly love Hirshfield’s and my experience with them! Also, if you’re like me it’s important to support family owned businesses as well as local businesses like Hirshfield’s. Look how bright this space turned out! I am so in love with how it feels now, it just feels refreshing going to bed and waking in the morning.

TEM Photography

Remember how I raved about the draperies? Check out these details!

TEM Photography

I cannot get over the quality of these draperies by Calico as well as the hand forged French rods. I went with pinch pleats here because I love the look at the top for added detail.


Here I want to share with you a close up of the Calico craftsmanship. What are some of the details that you see in custom draperies?

  • double hems
  • weighted corners
  • double stitched

I am certainly not a textile expert but I knew I wanted to invest in quality draperies for this room and Calico and their team of experts just blew my mind away!

TEM Photography

TEM Photography

Look how beautiful they hang and kiss the floor just so.

Image Courtesy: Rebekah Poppen Photography

This window was a biggie! It measures over 9 feet wide and these panels are one solid panel on each side so as you can imagine they’re quite full. Calico’s design team recommended wands for these for easy opening and closing.

TEM PhotographyTEM Photography

I love the smooth glide across the French rods. To me, it’s these little details and finishing touches that matter the most in great design. While these draperies would have been quite a splurge (I do have a contract with Calico which made these attainable) I knew it would be so well worth it, especially when this is after all, our bedroom. I needed it to feel like a sanctuary and quality materials, thoughtful design and purposeful purchases were my top priorities for this space. To hear some more behind the scenes details of these draperies and hardware click here.

With the airy-ness of the fresh new paint and the tailored and voluptuous draperies, we also needed a mattress.

TEM Photography

We chose Mygreenmattress.com because it fit all our check boxes. I went into loads of mattress details and why we chose this mattress here. Without repeating myself so as not to bore you, our decision came down to truly organic materials and craftsmanship as well as the story behind this father creating a safe product for his daughter, now you know it’s made out of love!

TEM PhotographyTEM Photography

We chose the Natural Escape in a standard king size.

TEM PhotographyTEM Photography

TEM Photography

I also chose these organic sheets from Target. You can read more about my bedding details here.

TEM Photography

TEM Photography

The blanket I chose is the Winter + Summer Cotton Coverlet by Schoolhouse Electric. I love the graphic details on this blanket and it’s truly an heirloom quality piece.

TEM Photography

I also love playing with textures and patterns. Here, the focal is the blanket but I’ve layered over a small delicate print paired against the subtle backdrop of the ticking on the draperies and topped with a fun polka dot stitched pillow.

TEM Photography

TEM PhotographyTEM Photography

Let’s take a look at lighting next. Every room needs good lighting, right? We have one ceiling light (our general light) and here I chose the Humphrey semi-flush mount fixture by Hudson Valley Lighting.

TEM PhotographyTEM Photography

General lighting is necessary for lighting up the entire room when you need good overall lighting. The defuser on this fixture helps to soften the glow.

Next, we have task lighting and these gorgeous fixtures are by Minneapolis’ own Bellacor. Bellacor has such a huge online presence and so selecting these fixtures was not only fun but I now have like a million and one things in my shopping cart! Ha! Here I chose the Dainolite fixtures for their mid-century modern aesthetic. These allow for great reading light (we may even throw these on a dimmer for ambiance lighting as well). They’re design is so pretty.

TEM PhotographyTEM Photography

Look at the detail here. Just like I love mixing textile patterns, I equally love mixing metals. And I have a simple guide to help you can achieve this look in your own home. Click here to read more about mixing metals in your home decor.

Lastly, in our room, I added this awesome lamp as accent lighting. I was able to score this little cutie on clearance at Target and it sure doesn’t skimp on style one bit!

TEM PhotographyTEM Photography

See what I mean? This may have been the best $14 I’ve ever spent!

TEM Photography

The three metals in my room are:

  • Focal metal – the polished nickel bed and it’s cameo in the modern accent lamp.
  • Secondary metal – the ebony hardware on doors, curtain rods and the table lamps as well as the finial on the ceiling fixture.
  • Accent metal – the brass of the table lamps and vintage pieces around the room.


Back to patterns and mixing textiles, here you can see another pattern I’ve mixed into the room.

TEM Photography

This beautiful rug is by Plush Rugs and here I chose an 8 x 10. When choosing a rug for your bedroom make sure you can walk all the way around it so that it doesn’t look too tiny in scale to your furnishings.

TEM Photography

Let’s talk accessorizing a little here. I’ll bring you in closer.

TEM Photography

I love thrifting, in fact, it’s become a passion of mine. I feel there is something so special in finding pieces that were once loved and made in a simpler time or way. Pieces that have stood the test of time and carry so much character.

TEM Photography

TEM Photography

Here I’ve mixed new and old. I think my favorite piece is that wooden pedestal and this beautiful print by Minnesota’s own Melissa Coleman @thefauxmartha while gorgeously framed by Art to Frames out of Brooklyn, New York. I am in love with and will continue to support them because the quality of their handmade frames is top-notch! This frame here is solid oak and I love it with this print I found on Etsy.

TEM PhotographyTEM Photography

The warm wood tones create such a beautiful surround here.

Another way to accessorize is with plants. I love using plants in all different shapes and sizes and bonus they help clean the air, so don’t forget about incorporating them in your bedroom!

TEM PhotographyTEM PhotographyTEM Photography

Again, thrift stores are the perfect place to find inexpensive and unique vessels and planters.

TEM PhotographyTEM Photography

Personal momentoes should be displayed in every room of your home and even utilitarian pieces can still be displayed beautifully.

Image Courtesy: Rebekah Poppen Photography

Here I keep my favorite photo of my grandmother, my daughter when she was younger with her beloved horse and a couple thrifted pieces such as this sculptural piece and hand thrown dish that’s perfect for my rings.

Image Courtesy: Rebekah Poppen Photography

On the other side, my husband keeps his favorite watch I gifted to him years ago and cuff links corralled in this walnut tray along with some bedside essentials and this thrifted brass clock that doubles as a compass.

Moving around the room to the other side; in our room we went years (don’t ask) without a full length mirror. The one I wanted was quite expensive from Rejuvenation but working on a budget I found this one from Ikea. I love the clean simple lines on this mirror that gives a modern and minimalistic aesthetic.

TEM Photography

I don’t have loads and loads of jewelry but if I did, this mirror also doubles as storage and you can hang additional jewelry behind it with its swing out hinges installed.

I also love these wall hooks because I felt like they also attributed to my minimalistic style which I’ve often described as wabi-sabi for my love of perfectly imperfect. These wall hooks are handmade by Grovemade out of Portland, OR and what I love most about their simplistic design is how they are beautiful just by themselves. True wabi-sabi.

TEM PhotographyTEM Photography

With the exception of our bed (which is about 17 years old) all the furnishings were thrifted by way of Craigslist! While thrifting does take time and time was desperately working against me in this challenge, it is a great way to recycle pieces headed to the dumpster (so it’s a way to help keep this planet green), it’s generally cost-effective as well as you can score pieces that are unique and one of a kind. Plus, did I mention I love mixing and matching? LOL!

So what are some of the things I didn’t get done in this challenge that I’m hoping to share with you later down the road?

  • bookcases under the roof dormers.
  • A highboy or hutch dresser (for the north wall)
  • vintage chairs (preferably velvet)

In the 5 weeks (because photography takes 1 week away from me), here’s what we did accomplish:

  • painting the room – light and bright
  • custom draperies – much-needed privacy without skimping on style
  • lighting – general, task and accent were all accounted for
  • rug – with hardwood floors a soft rug underfoot is so necessary
  • organic mattress – because we spend so much of our lives sleeping, why not invest in a great quality and eco-friendly solution
  • artwork – every room (big or small) needs artwork
  • personal touches – function and personality
  • plants – clean air


Before I go I want to thank you ALL for following along my journey and if you’re thinking of joining the next One Room Challenge I encourage you to go for it! If you’re someone like me, it takes a 6 week challenge to keep me on my toes!


All my best,




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One Room Challenge – Master Bedroom Makeover – Week 5


Welcome back to my Master Bedroom Makeover! Can you believe we’re onto week 5 already? If you’d like to catch up and read, click on the following weeks to see the progress: week 1, week 2, week 3 and week 4. So much has been done and we’ve discussed so many steps and important details and decisions such as paint, paint finish, organic mattresses, how to measure drapery and the right size rug for a bedroom. This week we’re going to talk about the fun stuff! Decor and accessories.


As you may have remembered (especially if you’re following me on Instagram @creekwoodhill) we’ve had this bed for YEARS! It’s from Restoration Hardware and in polished nickel. I don’t believe they sell it any longer but it was such a classic style that I knew long ago we needed something like this. I am a HUGE advocate for going with classic shapes and aesthetics on pieces that you won’t change out often. Unlike the brass version, I thought the polished nickel here kicked it up a notch and gave it a bit more of a modern personality and equally unlike the black finish you see on many farmhouse beds of this style I thought the polished nickel gave it more glam and presence. (ignore the fact that I still need to steam or iron the bedding, they’re quite wrinkly but I wanted to get them on the bed).

No lamp

Remember we talked about rugs last week? Here’s a little view from the side of our bed (standard king size) so you can see what I was referring to. Let’s talk bedding a little bit, I chose very, very simple linens. I consider my style to be wabi-sabi (perfectly imperfect) and I love mixing old and new. The sheets on the bed are organic sheets by Target’s Threshold line.


I thought that these would give a subtle pattern next to the blanket at the foot of our bed. I had my eye on another pattern but thought the scale of the print would be too large and too busy next to the main print (the blanket).







Here you can see the two patterns next to one another and if I would’ve gone with a larger print on the sheet I think it would’ve called for too much attention. The blanket here is my favorite piece, absolutely heirloom quality. This is from Schoolhouse Electric and to me, there’s nothing they do wrong. Anything I’ve purchased from them I know will last for years and generations, so while some of their things may be a bit of a splurge on the pocketbook, in my mind I know they’ll last and I won’t have to replace them. Quality over quantity, it’s the wabi-sabi way.  I love mixing patterns. It’s become one of my favorite elements of design. I’m definitely not a textile expert but I do love how the ticking stripes of the draperies, the geometric design on the rug, the bold graphic pattern on the blanket and the small delicate print on the sheets all play together cohesively.


Adding the decor pieces into a room to me isn’t about always running to some store to grab mass produced things off the shelves that are probably on “sale” for 50% or more, or I need some ridiculous coupon to get the “discount”.  For me, when I look for decor pieces for our home, I enjoy the hunt of a good vintage, antique or past loved piece. Again, something that was made to last, maybe handcrafted (usually USA made) or even utilitarian by design. The downside to scouring through those musty thrift stores or antique shops? You don’t always find what you need or are looking for. And yet, that is still part of the fun for me.


Here I found some old/used books at the thrift store and grouped together in the same color family of “blue” they sort of neutralize. I also found this vintage-inspired lamp on clearance at Target (because the metal base echoes the cool tone of the metal on the bed) – see, I don’t always shop thrifted or handmade, here’s evidence of a mass produced lamp in my house! Gah! However, while I don’t expect this will last generations, it was a nice modern contrast to this vignette against the books and the vintage brass swan.

While I have you here. Let’s talk mixing metals (since we talked a little about mixing textiles up top). I believe it’s OK to mix metals too! But I do have a little guideline:

  • Start with a dominant metal – in my case, it’s the large polished nickel bed, which also makes a little cameo in the silver finish on the lamp (above). Your dominant metal should be the focal metal in the room.
  • Layer in a secondary metal – in our room it’s the ebony hardware on the doors, the French rods and accent on the ceiling fixture.
  • The cherry on top – this is your accent metal – in this room, it’s the vintage brass swan and the bedside table lamps and the brass candlesticks and even an old brass clock which doubles as a compass too (one of my favorite thrifted finds).

IMG_3543This is the lamp I chose for the bedside tables but they haven’t been delivered yet and TBH I’m getting a little nervous. Photographers will be here tomorrow and so my deadline is closing in on me.








Since our bed is metal, it’s not like it would have matching metal dressers (like a wood set would have), but that’s ok with me. I tend to steer clear of matching sets of anything anyways. This is a vintage mid-century dresser I found on Craigslist last summer that I knew would one day go in our bedroom. Could I clean up the hardware? Sure. Will I? I’m not so certain but time will tell. With the exception of that lamp and print, everything here has been thrifted. (which obviously takes time). And what’s one thing the One Room Challenge doesn’t give? Time. While I planned on adding more to this wall, it’s just not going to happen. Not by tomorrow anyway.

All prints were framed by Art to Frames out of Brooklyn, NY. What I love most about Art to Frames? They’re handcrafted, right in the USA  out of Brooklyn by their team of artisans using quality materials like mine (which are solid oak). The ordering process is SO easy and they ship quickly, well packed and right to your door! Another detail I love about Art to Frames? I don’t have to send my beloved artwork, print or vintage painting to them in order to have it framed. Unlike another direct to mail framing company that made me a nervous wreck when I sent off a vintage charcoal drawing of my daughter when she was 1 year old to have custom framed. (yes, it did arrive back in excellent condition but the process was not that fast). With Art to Frames, the frame comes to YOU!


Ok, let’s take a look at the other side of the room.


Every home needs a full-length mirror, it’s a necessity. While I had my eye on a pricier mirror…this one from Ikea did just the trick and as with all Ikea wonders this offers hidden storage behind the mirror. Now, if I had loads and loads of jewelry, that would be where my stash is but alas, I do not. I only own a couple pieces and you guessed it, most are vintage and passed down to me from family. But that doesn’t keep me from loving the modern, minimalistic style of this mirror and the black frame nods to the secondary metals in the room. Next to the mirror, however, are these lovely, handcrafted (made in Portland, OR) wall hooks.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I love the leather detail on the front and the wood blocks on the back, I love the simplistic design of them and how they look like wall art on their own. These are crafted by Grovemade and I’ve linked them here for you.

Well, that’s all I have for you this week friends! Decor and accessorizing don’t need to be costly if you have the time to invest in hunting for special pieces. Sometimes all you need is a trip to grandma’s house or a great aunt! And sometimes, it’s all about tag sales, thrift stores, antique shops and flea markets. Whichever it is for you, happy hunting!


All my best,



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One Room Challenge – Master Bedroom Makeover – Week 4


Welcome back! Thank you for joining me for another week of the One Room Challenge! Time flies doesn’t it? We had a major push this past weekend and I am feeling so much less stressed right now. The paint was a huge component of the overall aesthetic of the room and WOW did it change how the room feels! What a difference paint makes! This post talks about paint and the effects of paint, textiles, and hardware. Ready?

First up, let’s talk paint. Paint really can transform a space or a piece and this was proof of the power of paint! Last week we talked about our selection and so I won’t go into that again here. However, we did use Hirshfield’s Platinum ceramic paint in eggshell. The color we chose was Shell Tint. Do you ever have trouble selecting the sheen of the paint for a room? When in doubt ask a pro! Here are my guidelines:

Flat – will be the least expensive of all paints and I only recommend using on a ceiling if at all. This paint is not wipeable whatsoever. If it were up to me, flat wouldn’t be an option at all.

Eggshell – this is what we chose for the bedroom. It’s wipeable and not too light reflecting which is good for spaces like bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms.

Satin – Our whole main floor is satin, we have an open concept floorplan. It’s easily wipeable which is great for a kitchen and bounces light around very subtly. Unlike recommending eggshell for bedrooms, I would definitely suggest this sheen in a kids room or playroom. This is also very durable and practical in a mudroom or any high activity room where walls are prone to scuffs or splatters.

Semi-Gloss – We chose semi-gloss on our cabinets, interior doors, and trim work. You will definitely see a sheen here but that is what we were looking for on these pieces and it’s very wipeable, especially good for cabinetry. I would recommend a spray application if you can when using this finish.

High-Gloss – High-gloss like semi-gloss can be used for trim work, doors, and cabinetry and even furniture. This is the most wipeable finish but I highly recommend you spray this on for a silky smooth finish. This sheen will provide the most reflection.

Ok, are you ready for a little before and after?

Before: Dark and gloomy – calls out WAY too much attention to the roofline.


After: Light and bright. Furnishings stand out. The roofline visually recedes.






You get the picture. Paint is one of the least expensive home improvement purchases but provides one of the largest design impacts. Invest in good, quality paint, it will make all the difference.

Next, let’s move onto textiles. Again, I shared all of the specs of the textiles in last week’s post so I won’t repeat here. (If you missed it and would like to read it, click here to Read Week 3). Now that the paint has dried, it was time to install the curtain hardware and curtains! I have been WAITING for this moment because I knew how beautiful they looked and I couldn’t wait to see them against the crisp, white backdrop. When designing and selecting hardware for our room, I knew I wanted simple but classic. When it comes to design decisions for pieces that will not change, I will always choose classic over trendy and “what’s hot”. A good rule of thumb is classic details never go out of style. My idea of class is clean lines, think from the 1920’s era (shaker cabinetry, penny tile, black and white, and wood, etc.). Here I chose French rods for their smooth silhouette and wrap around ends, this allows the drapery to “bend” with the rod so beautifully.


These were hand forged out of high strength steel in the USA by TMS Menagerie and made to the exact specifications that I provided. I chose these rods in ebony.


See how simple and classic these feel? Another design trick I use is installing the curtain hardware as close to the ceiling as possible when ceilings are low (and ours are 8 feet). This gives the illusion that the windows and ceilings are taller. Another trick I use is installing the curtain hardware a few inches past the outer edges of your window trim. So in my case, I went 6″ over on both sides of the window. Why you may ask? Not only does it play another trick with an illusion that makes your eye see the window as larger but when your curtains are pulled back all the way, they still flow into the window without obstructing the open window view. Like this:


I also chose pinch pleats for my curtains. Pinch pleats offer detail to this very subtle pattern (ticking stripe) and carry a tailored finish to an otherwise flat panel.


I also love curtain rings and use them on all our windows for their ease of smooth opening and closing. All hardware and curtains were expertly crafted by the amazing Calico Corners team! Their designers offer free services (yes, I said FREE) to assist you in maneuvering your way through the textile, trim and embellishment world! Textiles are not necessarily my strong suit so I happily relied on their advice and I loved my experience! They were so patient and knowledgeable and trust me I changed my mind a million and one times and they never made me feel bad about it for one second. They know and understand the textile industry and how much impact great textiles make! They will take all the time to ensure it’s right and you feel comfortable and confident with the final decision.


This is one LARGE window, I think it measures around 9 feet wide so the hand forged rod is heavy and those custom draperies are HEAVY (two solid panels, one on each side). The Calico team recommended a middle support bracket for this window so as not to bow the rod. The rod is constructed so beautifully, that I don’t know that it would have but I trust the experts!


Look how full and generous these panels look. I just love how they kiss the floor just so.


So we talked about curtain width a bit let’s talk about curtain length. Have you ever seen curtains too short for a window, and they look a bit like high waters? Equally, have you ever seen curtains too long for a window they no longer puddle on the floor they just spill? While I love a good curtain puddle (my biggest peeve are too short curtains, gah! don’t get me started), I knew I was going for a very tailored and simple look here so no puddling was going to happen in this room this time. These had to hit the floor just so. Not too short where you can see under them (not even 1/2 an inch) and not too long that they would awkwardly bend (like a pair of ill-tailored dress slacks), these had to “kiss” the floor. They touch ever so slightly but do not drag one bit. And this folks is why I turned to Calico Corners. You can’t pull this look from off the shelf. Just like you can’t pull an exquisitely tailored suit or pant leg off the rack.

Am I a textile snob? No, not one bit. But remember this room was allll about purposeful, meaningful and thoughtful design. All these details counted for this room (after all we’ve been waiting for a retreat all our own for about 20+ years!).

We’ve talked walls and windows now so let’s talk floors for the trifecta!

When we built this house we knew we wanted it to feel like a house that had been around for years. And what do old houses have that most newer homes don’t? Wood floors and I mean on the entire upper level, even our closets. But that wasn’t just a design decision, that was a functional decision because our family has allergies. Ha! So solid surfaces are naturally easier to clean than rooms full of carpet. But that doesn’t mean we don’t love a good rug! If budgets didn’t matter I would have a large vintage rug but when you’re sourcing 8 x 10 or 9 x 12 vintage rugs well…let’s just say I still wanted to stay in my marriage too. Instead, I chose a simple but geometrical pattern by Plush Rugs. I felt that this pattern complements well with the ticking stripe on the windows.


Let’s talk rug sizes. Just like curtains that are too short make me have nightmares, rugs that are too small do the same.

We have a regular king size bed, and if you’re choosing a rug for your bedroom my rule is you should still be able to walk on your rug all the way around your bed (except for where your headboard probably is). Typically, around 24″ on both sides of the bed. I didn’t place my entire bed on the rug, I’ll share more next week so you can see what I’m referring to. But don’t toss that small vintage rug out of your design just yet! You can still utilize those on the side of the bed if a large rug is not an option. The don’t? DON’T place a rug the same size as your bed under your bed.

This week we made a TON of progress but there’s still one more push before the finish line! Next week we’ll talk more about accessorizing, lighting and decor.

Thank you SO much for stopping by and following along this 6 week journey with me! You all are the best and I can’t believe the support and love I feel from you all!


Warm wishes,



Please don’t forget to check out all the other amazingly talented participants at the official One Room Challenge website.

A HUGE Thank you to my sponsors who I could not have done this project without!


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And to the hosts of the One Room Challenge!

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the f



One Room Challenge – Master Bedroom Makeover – Week 3


Welcome back! This week was full of final paint selections, draperies and hardware were received, and a mattress! I am in love with all of it and I think it is going to pull off nicely! Minimalism-ish but definitely cozy, simple and meaningful. Peppered with quirky vintage finds because that’s just my style. I love quirky and fun pieces.

Ok, let’s get started because we have 3 biggies to talk over.

Let’s first start with the paint selection. If you’ve followed along on Instagram Stories @creekwoodhill the paint vote was between Glacier Mountain and Shell Tint by Hirshfield’s and so I picked up some samples to make larger swatches in our room. Our room is very dark for two reasons, one it faces west and two the already dark color in the room makes it dark. Being that it’s dark, it does make it difficult to get a true feeling for the new color. But here goes:

Hirshfields Paint

I took these 4 colors and sampled them on a larger wall.

Paint swatch white and green

Which would you choose? Take a vote on Instagram @creekwoodhill!

Here I sampled just the two whites next to our trim. Very close but one is slightly warmer.

White paint swatches

Sorry for the poor lighting and grainy pic, this large window makes it difficult to get a good picture here.

Now that I have the two whites narrowed down, I will make the final selection this week and then you’ll see what we went with next week! Hopefully, we get all the painting done in time to stay on track!

Now, moving on to the curtains! Calico Corners is a company I’ve worked with in the past and they’re soooo good! So naturally, I chose to work with them again on this project. They are extremely helpful, knowledgeable and easy to work with. Sometimes textiles can be scary and if you’re like me, a bit intimidating. There’s so many! And unlike paint (if you don’t like the color you can re-paint) well…textiles can become very costly. But they’re SO worth the investment. If and when you can, go with great textiles! They just look good, feel good and hang so much better than off the shelf curtains. (Which I’ve done plenty of by the way, and still have some in my home). BUT remember, this master bedroom makeover was about purposeful, thoughtful and meaningful design. That meant carefully selecting materials that would last and last and last. So I wanted to go with a custom curtain that would look tailored for our room and Calico Corners has ALL the experts (especially when I’m not).

Last week I shared with you my textile selection click here if you want to read more. But this week I wanted to test install them. Test install them? Well, since they’re custom I wanted to make sure I measured correctly (Calico Corners does also offer free design services) but I figured I could handle most of this myself. So up they went, hardware and all and I almost died. Seriously. I fell head over heels with them and how full and gorgeously tailored they are. They just kiss the floor perfectly! (Yes, I’ll talk more about kissing draperies in the reveal).

Here’s an up and close sneak peek:

Calico Corners

Clearly, someone else loves them as much as I do (Thank you Mister for modeling so fiercely). Yall! I love them so much I did the whole Sound of Music scene where Maria is in her bedroom dancing to My Favorite Things with the old draperies that she’ll make into play clothes for the children. (eerily my bed looks somewhat similar to the bed in that scene as well)  Oh…I digress.

Ok finally, let’s talk about mattresses! Again, keeping with my design motto of keeping things purposeful, thoughtful and meaningful, a great mattress was not left out of the equation. After all, this is a master bedroom, right? So not just any mattress was going to do and I was disgusted by what I was finding in the big box stores (that’s a whole other subject for another day). That’s when I turned my attention to My Green Mattress. I’m trying to become more aware and more conscious of the products I bring into our home. I shop thrifted and vintage quite a bit, not just because I love it but because I feel it helps restore life to something with a past life and possibly headed to the dumpster. And we don’t want that! So when I found My Green Mattress, I knew they weren’t just an ordinary mattress company touting “we’re green”. No. You can even view their Gold standard certification right here. They are GREEN! Another reason I chose My Green Mattress over other brands was that I love they’re family owned. Coupled with the fact that this father found a solution and went to work to develop a product that was safe for his children. Talk about meaningful design right there! A real passion and purpose! Shouldn’t all great design come from a thoughtful purpose? I’m not going to go into all the details of the construction of the mattress on this post but you can read more about them here.

So after receiving our mattress which I could not photograph and roll out at the same time because I’d need more than 2 hands. (Ha!) which by the way was suuuuper easy. It popped up into its shape right away! I wish I had a video recording because my husband was just fascinated! You can also read more FAQ here. As with any purchase you should research and shop for what fits your family best. My Green Mattress fit all the check mark boxes for us! We chose the Natural Escape in a King size.

  • 100% natural wool (sourced from California) √
  • GOTS Certified organic cotton √
  • 100% all natural, GOLS certified organic Dunlop latex √
  • Intentionally designed with love √

My Green Mattress 2My Green Mattress 5



I hope you enjoyed some of my polls on Instagram and I hope you are loving my decisions as much as I do, next week we’ll talk more about progress, more photos that I think you’ll see a big change with and a little more about my design decisions and how I pulled this look together. In the meantime here’s another peek at some deliveries!

Paint Selection

Yup! That’s the rug!


See you soon!



A special Thank you to my generous sponsors:

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And Thank you to the hosts of the One Room Challenge

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One Room Challenge – Master Bedroom Makeover – Week 2


Hey there! I’m so happy to see you’re back! This week I’m sharing two HUGE selections that give the biggest impact when designing a room!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my polls on Instagram (You can find them in Stories or saved in my Highlights) and if you haven’t checked them out follow me at @creekwoodhill! I’d love to see you over there as well! At the beginning of a project I always seem very in control but by about the 2nd to 3rd week I’m quickly like nope…and with just 5 actual weeks to share our work (shorter if you’re me because I need to account for the photographer) it goes by soooo very, very quickly!

So let’s dive right in shall we?! This week we’re going to talk about the biggest real estate in the room, the walls, and windows! (Floors do too but the floors are staying).

First up the walls! This color is called Anonymous by Sherwin Williams (SW 7046) and it’s sort of a grayish-greenish color with brown undertones that I really don’t care too much for in our bedroom (my husband selected this color when we built the house and I went with it because…well, it was just paint and you can always change paint).

Anonymous Gray by SW

Needless to say, after trying my best to live with it for 1.5 years, I called for a change.

Here are some before pics:

IMG_3125 (1)
This is the view from the upstairs hallway looking into our room.

These ceilings are a bit of a  design challenge but I roll with it and one day it would be nice to possibly add some built-ins beneath them for extra storage or even bookcases. We’ll see…I don’t know that we’ll have time for that in 4 weeks.


We originally were planning on installing a TV  on this wall but…the designer in me vetoed that. And now we need to move these outlets down to the floor.


Lastly, I need to come up with a good solution for my husband because…


Like seriously, what type of charging station is that?! LOL! (Notice the Mrs. Meyer’s? I wonder if he cleans in his sleep)…

Ok, so what am I thinking? Well, if you know me…white of course! But…what type of white…there’s so many! (Take my poll on Instagram!)

And this is when I turned to Hirshfield’s, a Minnesota, family-owned business with years and years of experience and knowledge and an EXTREMELY helpful team! Hirshfield’s carries everything from wall coverings, window treatments and of course paint! Check out their Design Resource Showroom here.

Out of the thousands of paint colors here are the few I pulled.


Currently, I have an interactive poll going on Instagram where I’m turning to YOU! Take the poll or send me a message with your vote and by the end of this week, I’ll share the most selected color by all of you! So stayed tuned! This will be a fun way to let you all be the designer!

Ok. Next, I’m going to take you over to the next biggest impact of the room, the windows. Our bedroom faces west, so it’s pretty dark most of the day (which is another reason I wanted to lighten it up with a white). We have two windows in our room, one is very large about 9 feet wide and the other 36 inches wide, which is nice because it is west facing and we need alllll the light we can get. So when there’s such a large window in the room, I wanted something with a pattern but something not too bold so it wouldn’t be the whole focus of the room. That’s when I turned to none other than Calico Corners! Founded in New York, they specialize in everything fabrics and trim, from upholstery to window treatments, bedding, and wall coverings. With that range of assortment, I knew they would be the perfect partners for my windows!

So what did I choose? This beautiful fabric called Janvier La Mer


I will have these lined, French pleats added and wands installed for easy opening and closing. More details about these beauties soon! (I am sooooo excited to share more about these!) But this is where I leave you for this week.

Thank you so much for stopping by for another week of my master bedroom makeover and I hope to see you again next week for some more details!


Warm wishes!



Be sure to follow and check out all the amazing designers and DIY-ers in the One Room Challenge!


And a Special THANK YOU!

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Spring 2018 – One Room Challenge Week 1



Welcome back, friends! It’s been awhile and I’m so excited to get back into the swing of things around here! There’s just something about springtime that gets my creativity going and ready to tackle something new.

This year I will be designing our master bedroom! When I say I’m excited please understand that is an understatement! I have waited and waited to FINALLY design our bedroom. We have been in this house going on 2 years now and it’s one of the last rooms to get sprinkled with some personality. How many of you work on all of the other rooms in the house (including the kids’ spaces) and leave your own to the wayside or last place? I think it’s because we tend to want everyone else to feel at home and comfy first and we get so busy we forget to take care of ourselves.



This year I decided I’ll tackle ours during this spring’s One Room Challenge because there’s nothing like a little pressure and deadlines to get this girl going! Ha!

So please stick with me every Thursday for the next few weeks where I’ll be sharing with you my design process, progress, and reviews along the way. If you follow me on Instagram @creekwoodhill I will also post a couple interactive polls where YOU can help ME! Plus, find some of the BTS (Behind the scenes) on Instagram Stories!

What is on our master bedroom wishlist you ask?

  • Simplicity
  • Thoughtful design
  • Meaningful pieces
  • Coziness
  • Playfulness

What does that all equate to?

  • A truly purposeful living space


Ok, so do you want to see a little idea of what I have planned for our room?



In this house we do fun and we don’t take ourselves seriously (most days). We’re a laid-back and casual family who loves a good, thrifted find but appreciates well-crafted heirloom quality pieces as well. Anything new must be made to last. And to last generations. Quality over quantity is a rule in this house. If it makes you smile and feel good, it stays. If we don’t use it or it’s a meaningless, non-sensical “prop” it goes.

Simple rules, right?

And that’s the goal. Simplicity.

Well thank you very much for stopping by, I best get going as we have lots to get done in a short 5 weeks and I hope to see you here next Thursday as well as on Instagram!








Sprucing Up Your Home for the Winter Holidays

Welcome, come on in and sit a spell with me while we go on a little mini-tour of how I decorated our home for the winter Holidays. I say “Holidays” because I generally have our tree up during Thanksgiving (I know…live in the moment, right?) and I leave the tree up until after the first of the new year so our winter decor sees a few Holidays, to say the least.

I’m not a big, luxurious decorator, I like to keep things very simple (almost minimalistic) in our home. Our kids have grown up and that probably plays into part of the reason but we also have 2 cats and now a puppy! Surprise! (she’s 13 weeks now and built like a little tank) so keeping things minimal is also a necessity for us right now. Ha!

So, how do I sprinkle Holiday cheer around our home? I first start with the focal piece (the tree!) Again out of necessity we went with faux (we have a semi-outdoor kitty that likes to pee under real trees), with that we have an indoor kitty that likes to climb them and did I mention the puppy?!


First, I must rave about this faux tree. This one is the 7.5 foot King Fraser Fir (unlit) by none other than the King of Christmas! You can shop this tree and many more, clicking this link Here. So, let me answer a few questions that may be running through your mind…(1) I chose unlit because I knew I wanted a different type of bulb on this tree so that when it’s not lit, they are still decorative. (2) the faux pine needles are AMAZING, really great quality and life-like bristles. (3) it was the simplest tree I’ve ever put together and I even took it down to see how easy it would be to store, they snap into place 1, 2, 3 and the arms fall down. (4) It’s so lush and full, I barely had to “fluff” it straight out of the original packaging.


I like to change the tree up every year or two, it keeps things interesting but also because I can never remember what I did to it the year before. (I mean, let’s just keep it real here).  This year I tried to go with a modern, very swanky approach and failed miserably. Apparently, I am not a hipster, folks. So last minute, I changed it to black and white. Then, all of a sudden I heard all this commotion about the new Hearth & Hand line at Target and all was not lost in the land of tree decorating!


Did I mention our fur babies? Glass ornaments don’t fare well in our home which also consists of wood floors because well, someone likes to knock them off the tree. My solution? I tied them to the tree. And I have to admit, I love the ribbon detail. I used leftover black grosgrain ribbon I had stashed away.


See, what I mean about the faux pine branches? If you’re searching for a faux tree, do yourself a solid and check out King of Christmas first.


(yup, I need a skirt…) actually, I’m on the fence about investing in one since the bottom quickly gets filled with gifts that block the view. What are your thoughts? Do you all use tree skirts or skip?

Continuing on our little tour, our home is very open concept, here our dining room sits right behind the tree and my vintage mid-century painting just didn’t flow cohesively from this view but I didn’t want to leave the wall bare either so I wrapped the painting in coordinating Hearth & Hand wrapping paper and used the same black ribbon I used on the tree.



Here I kept our table very simple too. Just some candles and a piece of faux garland. The larger hurricanes were already on the table so I really only added the center holder and the greenery. Talk about easy peasy, right?



As you can see our dining room also leads right to the kitchen. But before I share some Holiday cheer in our kitchen I want to turn you around to the little mini bar in the dining room.


During the Holidays I like to set up a little cocktail area that’s easy for guests to access and mix up their own beverages because well, I’m usually busy in the kitchen and this is a great way to not play bartender.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the details here (I’ll link sources below).


Here I just wrapped some black and white ribbon around a frame and simple touches of greenery and a bauble were enough for this little vignette.



To the left I used these little votive houses I found in the dollar section at Target last year and the little deer family are vintage (they were my grandmother’s and I remember how I would arrange them in her house every year as a child).


To the right is my little beverage station. AND this gorgeous Mia lamp by Mitzi, you can browse their newest line here. This was a perfect addition to a swanky little bar area, don’t you agree? I love the marble base (heavy enough to not topple over) and those beautiful glass globes have the perfect opaque-ness that provide a soft glow, especially with the attached dimmer.


The Mia balances well here and also gives that sculptural feel I love. This new Mitzi line is beautiful enough to stand on their own and shouldn’t all your lighting be accentuating? If I can lend one piece of design advice folks, don’t let your lighting be boring, elevate it and you’ll be surprised by how much great lighting personalizes your home.


Next, let’s take a peek into the kitchen. I didn’t do much here, during the Holidays I like to keep counters pretty clear because entertaining gets busy.


Here I created an arrangement as a mini focal piece.


Using a mix of fresh greenery from my local greenhouse down the street and mixed with a faux sprig of berries to add a pop of color.



Clearly, I’m not a florist but this simple arrangement I put together by mixing in the greenery (varying colors and textures such as the magnolia). I start with the larger pieces and stems and then add in the base (here, it was the magnolia). I also love when greenery sort of spills over like the cedar I used here. Lastly, I pop in a focal piece, in this case, I used the red berry sprig and a pinecone.


Another little area I have in my kitchen I like to spruce up is my floating shelves. Again, I didn’t do much of anything but some simple additions of fresh cedar, a festive little canister and a ribbon to dress up the dog food jar.


Oh, I did add a few more baubles here and there.


This little corner of mine needed a little pop of red too so I changed out my apron for a more festive one and again a little sprig of green.


Near my sink area, I always add this little vintage house that a dear friend of my grandmother’s painted. Little touches of my grandmother (who LOVED the Holidays) always bring back so many fond memories.


And of course I continue sprinkling little touches of cedar around (I mean a little cedar goes a LONG way). Ha!



See how decorating for the Holidays doesn’t need to be costly? In our house, I could never afford to splurge on too many pieces of Holiday decor and I have such design attention deficit disorder that by the next year I would probably be tired of it anyway as I’m always looking for new ways to keep it fresh.

So now that we’ve toured around a bit let’s walk back to the living room.



Keeping my black, white and green theme (with a pop of red) I added a vintage buffalo check throw and a green velvet pillow (found on Etsy searching “green velvet pillows”, I know…my design language is strong, right?) also, here is another lovely Mitzi lamp, this one is named the Layla (click here to customize your lamp). Again, I love the architectural design of this lamp, it’s like a piece of sculpture. I also love the heavy, concrete base (which unexpectedly complements my concrete coffee table) and the attached dimmer makes life so much easier!

Speaking of concrete, it’s puppy and kitty proof. #winning


A simple bowl of Shiny Brites and some greenery.


Here, I needed to warm up this space and a bold rug was in order.

Designer tip: rugs, throws, and pillows are an easy and cost-effective way to change up decor with the seasons.

Here I chose to layer the natural jute rug by Plush Rugs with this warm rug to add that pop of color in this room and clearly, someone else agrees with it, no?


In keeping with my simple decor, I’ve peppered around a few more touches in here.



I’ve probably kept you all here longer than you’ve anticipated but before you go, I want to share another little nook in our house that received a dose of Holiday cheer.

This is our little entryway. Keeping it simple and functional.


Oops, I should’ve cut those tags off under the bench. LOL!

The wreath and garland are by none other than the King of Christmas and I’ve received so many comments on how good they look, I love the tone on tone color too because it allows for depth and dimension.


Well, thank you so much for touring with me and I hope you enjoyed and took with you a couple easy decor ideas for your own home!

Wait! Someone else wants to say, farewell Friends!


It’s a crazy, baby hippo coming at you!


Remington says see you next time and don’t forget to say hello to our friends by continuing on with the tours linked below!

Happy Holidays!




Living Room – Jute Rug, Vintage-inspired rug, Christmas Tree, Round mirror, Media console, Armchairs, Sofa, Coffee table, Floor lamp

Dining Room – Table lamp, Chandelier, Dining table, Dining chairs, Stoneware vessel, Candleholder, Whiskey glasses

Entryway – Garland, Wreath, Bench, Coat rack, Pillow

A VERY special Thank You to my sponsors


King of Christmas

Plush Rugs

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One Room Challenge – Basement Remodel – Reveal – Week 7

We did it! We made it to week 7 of the One Room Challenge and you know what that means, it’s Reveal week! I’m so excited to share with you what we’ve been working on and I know these two homeowners are finally ready to start enjoying the fruits of their labor! So are you ready to see?

Come on in!eIMG_9223

So as you know this office space has two workstations (one for each of them) and so we pulled together bits of both of their individual styles while still achieving that cohesive look and feel. Let’s start with her side first as it’s the first side you see when coming down the stairs.


This client is a professional photographer and so it was important to capture her passion as well as her love of beautiful details.



I love how everything looks against the bright white background and the beautiful Wilsonart Quartz counters.



These counters turned out so beautifully and you can read more through previous posts here and here. This homeowner chose Quartz in Haida by Wilsonart who generously supplied these for this project. To find out where you can purchase from Wilsonart click the link to shop. My favorite is the subtle veining against the white Quartz that gives the look of real marble without the maintenance and upkeep of real marble. I can go on and on about Wilsonart, their quality, their products, their sustainability efforts, their service, and industry knowledge and if you’d like to read more about Wilsonart for yourself click here.


I also want to show you the cabinetry hardware. It’s these little details that make finishing a project like this so fun!


These beautiful pulls are by D.Lawless and can be found clicking this link here.  We love the dark contrast against all the crisp white. Very classic and sophisticated.



Here are a few more details that I love!



How cute is that little dog lamp, right?


Now I want to take you to His side.


I fell in love with those beautiful canvases of this adorable couple that I was determined to utilize them in their new space.


Here are a couple close-ups of all the fun details.



I love that cute metal wall bin for organization.

Next, let’s take a peek at the space behind their workspace!


If you know me, I can’t leave little corners like this alone. These are the perfect places to get creative and carve out a little nook like this one. Have I mentioned how creative and resourceful this client is? This little chest of drawers is actually an IKEA hack and those adorable pillows she made herself!


The patina on this old crate is just gorgeous, isn’t it? I absolutely love a piece like this one! This client sure has an eye for great detail!

And here’s a little close up of those pillows she made!


Isn’t that chest beautiful?! I love the two-tone paint and those knobs are the perfect embellishment!


I love that little corner!

Now, let’s turn around again and look back at the office space so you can visualize the layout a little better.



So if you’ve followed along through the past 6 weeks you’ve seen everything from demolition, to electrical installation, sheetrocking, paint, trim, etc. as well as cabinetry installation, countertops and flooring. It’s been a whirlwind past couple of months but I think this couple will admit it was worth all of the pain. They now have a gorgeous and functional workspace!




Thank you all for following our journey and a VERY special thank you to our amazing sponsors!



D Lawless


Mocha and Ranger both say, until next time friends, thanks for stopping by!






Thank you to the hosts of the One Room Challenge!

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Basement Remodel – Week 6 of the One Room Challenge


ORC Blue

Can you believe it’s week 6 already? And technically this would have been reveal week but surprise! The One ORoom Challenge has been extended another week! Thank goodness!

So this week we focused on TRIM! We also worked on getting the cabinet hardware figured out, did some touch-up painting from all the various installs, and installing door hardware!



I’m in love with the SW Repose Gray paint color against the white trim, in a basement with few windows for natural light, I wasn’t sure how dark this would end up feeling but I have to admit I love it!


Speaking of trim, this homeowner (Tiffany) tackled the trimwork herself and did an AMAZING job!



She’s even working on installing the cabinetry hardware herself! (I also did this in my own Kitchen in last Spring’s ORC, you can read about it here).


That’s also another close up of the veining in the beautiful Wilsonart Haida Quartz, which you can find here. You can also read more about these gorgeous Quartz countertops in our Week 4 progress post linked here.

One of the most important facts about Wilsonart besides their quality products and a vast variety of materials is that they’re eco-conscious and hopefully, that means as much to you as it does me. It’s so important to know what you’re bringing into your home right?! You can read more about their sustainability efforts through this link here.


We’ve also officially started cleaning for final staging as well, which is a HUGE job in of itself after almost two years of construction!


See how we’re taking it from here


To here


In the next/last few days before staging, we have what feels like a million nail holes to fill in the trim, corners to caulk, and hardware to install! It’s officially crunch time!

So stay tuned for next week because we are SO excited to share the final results with you all and reveal what all this hard work behind the scenes has been about!

See ya soon!



Thank you to our generous sponsors of the One Room Challenge, without you we could not have made this possible!





As always a special thank you to the hosts of the One Room Challenge!

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