It’s Getting Hot In Here!

Summer is in full swing and like anyone I hate being late to the party! Or does it go something like the star always arrives late? Oh, I digress…

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Blame it on the rain!

I recently collaborated with POLYWOOD and wanted to really spruce up my front porch and share how beautiful our front porch is and how we love to entertain out here while we gaze at our neighbors strolling by and cue the clanking glasses and laughter and sizzle from the grill in the background. I started the process by using this easy quiz to help me determine what the right fit would be for our space.

BUT it rained! And it rained. And it rained. And just when you thought that was enough it rained some more.

Is this even Minnesota? I was like who are you?

Sadly, our front porch sits grim and in dire need of being stained but with all of the rain, the question was WHEN? That’s when I needed to #RethinkOutdoor


If you’re in the market and researching Pollywood these are my words, review, and opinions only and should be taken as such.


It’s my party and I’ll…

So what’s a girl to do? I mean, I am a blogger and summer is flying by and I can’t roll this out in November so…

(We moved the party elsewhere. I mean I have been put out of better places).


Rethink  Outdoor…

The front yard can actually be a great place to create an impromptu get together! You can comfortably lounge on your beautiful POLYWOOD furniture set while making all of your neighbor’s jealous (until they go out and buy their own POLYWOOD furniture).

Polywood Outdoor

Polywood Rethink Outdoors




I’ve only enjoyed our furniture set for about a month but when I previewed it with my audience on Instagram the responses were outstanding! I hear it holds up amazingly well to the weather (even the all-day, high heat sun of Miami) and the color never fades nor is the material compromised. Which is no surprise given their Color-Stay Technology and all-weather durability (it’s made from recycled plastic!).  AND a 20 year warranty! Peeps 20 years! I mean…

While I can’t speak to the full potential of living with these pieces year-round (just yet), I will say that I was impressed by the construction and form. I prefer simple lines, so this contemporary style of their Prescott Collection I selected fits into our lifestyle and aesthetic well.  Check out their quiz to explore which style best fits you and your family!

Outdoor furniture can be expensive and unlike indoor furniture, it needs to hold up to the elements. I’ve gone with some alternative outdoor options in the past and I guess it’s like the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ because nothing has felt as good as or held up to or performed like POLYWOOD, where it’s proudly made in America.

Without trying to sound pitchy in this post (these ARE all of my own and honest opinions). I do want to say I really am impressed by the furniture I received.




Click here for an easy to navigate outdoor furniture planner quiz!

Party time…

Ok, so what DO you need to create a quick and fun outdoor get together?




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This Post was Sponsored by POLYWOOD. All opinions are my own.

Photography by Sage E Imagery

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