Incorporating Smart Technology Into Your Home

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I wanted to share with you how I incorporated Smart Technology into my own home during the One Room Challenge but time got a bit away from me and well, sometimes technology pictures aren’t the prettiest. But today’s the day!

Disclosure: I am an affiliate marketer with links to an online retailer on my website. By clicking an affiliate link on my website and purchasing from that retailer, I may earn a commission from the retailer.

If you’re in the market and researching Google vs. Echo these are my words, review, and opinions only and should be taken as such.


First I’d like to start off that while I was gifted this Smart Light starter with a C by GE bulb and a Google Mini to review I do already own Google home which I purchased on my own.

So why did I chose Google over the Echo or any other Smart Technology system? My answer is pretty short. Google’s smarter.

Yes, speaking “Alexa” rolls off the tongue a lot faster and easier than “ok Google” there’s no doubt about that. I also considered aesthetics, which basically weighed about the same to me except that Google Home was about to launch the Hub! I’ll be that one standing in line on Black Friday to get this piece of gorgeousness!

Ok, but I did mention smarter. While both are pretty comparable and compatible with many other add-on devices such as the Ring, Sonos, Nest, Hue, etc. Google’s infrastructure has been around a lot longer than the Echo’s and therefore Google’s search engine is larger and smarter. Not to say sweet Alexa won’t get there but as of right now she has a little catching up to do.

Now, back to the C by GE.  As I was saying, I already had a Google Mini but that’s ok, I needed another one when they sent me the kit.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I have a reading lamp in this room I wanted the C by GE bulb installed in and let me tell you it was a breeze. Like setup in under 40 seconds type of breeze.

I screwed in the light bulb into a vintage pharmacy lamp that I have in this room.


Next, I set it up through my Google Home app.


You guys. It was that simple. And now I can turn the lamp on/off, dim, control color temperature and/or set up a schedule.

But with the Holidays quickly approaching at  $55 the C by GE Starter Kit is a great gift!


As always thanks for visiting and I hope this helped you as well as a great gift suggestion!


Happy Holidays!



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