Modern, Rustic Family-Friendly Media Room – Reveal Week

We made it! It’s Week 6 of the One Room Challenge and you all know what that means! It’s Reveal Week! If you’d like to catch up on the prior weeks’ progress click Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, and Week 5.


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Since I spoke to the processes behind the scenes in previous week’s posts I won’t do that again here because we have a lot of ground to cover in this post! I’m adding my mood board here so you can easily remember my design concept. Let’s get started!

CWH Media Room

This year I am going to do something a little different. I am going to not only share with you the products I chose and of course my honest opinion on why I chose them for my home but also I want to speak to my vision for the room, my inspiration and my failures.

First, I want to get this out of the way. I told you all I would share how I incorporated technology into this room and I don’t have any good photos to share with you so I am going to save that for another post and hopefully capture some video for you. So if you’re here just for the techie talk I apologize I disappointed you with this post.


Next, let’s talk about the aesthetics of this room for a bit. I had envisioned this room to be a place we can escape to when we need a quiet place to read, meditate, listen to some music or a podcast or even play a board game together. I wanted this room to feel cozy and warm and a little nostalgic but with modern elements. A room that brought back memories at the cabin but in a more modern way.

Are you ready to see?



I set this up to the tune of friends playing a fun game together enjoying some beverages.

If you remember in the beginning weeks I spoke about finding inspiration all over for this room and specifically my own state of Minnesota. We are surrounded by green (or white) LOL! We do enjoy all 4 seasons for sure and while winters seem long to most of us, we all equally look forward to spring, summer and fall. I wanted to capture some of that in this room, from the natural oak paneling to pull from the many oak trees, and the existing maple flooring to represent the forests in our state, to the blue sofa to pull from the many lakes (we are after all the land of 10,000 lakes). I also chose to paint the walls white (not just because I love the color, which I do.) but because it represents our winters here and the freshness and quiet beauty they bring. They are the pause.



I love…/the-alchemy-collectionhis color blue. It was the perfect blue. The funny thing? Or things? One, I wasn’t originally searching for a blue sofa. It was either green or brown. But blue spoke to me one day and I dove right in.  Second, now that I have a blue sofa of my own I am seeing blue sofas everywhere. Where I hadn’t before. So that must’ve totally been a subconscious decision. So why blue? And why this blue? This blue speaks happiness to me. It’s a fun blue, an energetic blue, it’s a neutral blue. Wait. What? Blue is neutral? Yes, blues unlike typical neutral colors such as whites, beiges, grays, and browns can act in many ways as a neutral backdrop. Think of the sky, the ocean, the lakes, rivers, pools, etc. blue acts in many ways in our everyday lives as a backdrop.


This sofa is the Alchemy condo sized sofa from Jonathan Louis who so generously gifted this sofa to me for this challenge and where I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with their experts. You can find more about this sofa Here.


I chose the condo size for it’s smaller scale as this room isn’t large enough for a full-scale sofa without letting the sofa dominate the room like our old sofa did. I didn’t want that for this room as it proved to be chaotic to me. I like calm. Waters are calming so thus this is the perfect blue. In fact, Jonathan Louis should rename this blue to “the perfect blue”. LOL!




Ok moving on, (I will share more about this sofa in a couple weeks where we talk sofa talk).

Next, we desperately needed a ceiling light fixture for general light in this room. Before we had just a single light bulb. It was time to make the change and this was my chance. I knew it needed to be special. Something that could stand on its own without being lost in the ceiling and that’s when I laid eyes on the Satellite 6 chandelier by Schoolhouse Electric. I have been such a fangirl of everything Schoolhouse for such a long time, everything they do just speaks to me, it’s just natural to me. Their ethos and brand really opened my design eyes and helped me to realize my enthusiasm for the handmade. This fixture to me represents the stars. With its polished nickel finish (it does come in other finishes) this reminded me of being up north, laying on our dock at night and looking up to the sky and staring at all the twinkling stars or catching a falling star.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


I also knew this room needed a fireplace. Because I think they are a staple in every Minnesota home as pools are to warmer weather states. I wanted a mid-century fireplace because I love the modern lines found in mid-century design. I searched high and low and found one, in particular, it was green. I loved it. But as I returned to my design boards it wasn’t feeling right. So I ran a search on Craigslist and it was like fate! A black mid-century fireplace with all it’s parts in excellent vintage condition. So I hit reply to inquire about it on Craigslist and I prayed and prayed for a speedy response and that they would tell me it’s still available. The Craigslist gods heard me and I received my response. The next obstacle? This was waaaaay out of my price range. Again I hit reply and presented my best offer and crossed my fingers and held my breath. They counter offered. But only $25 more than my offer. Whew! Thank the fireplace heavens! So I made arrangements with these nice folks (the nicest people you’d ever meet in your life I promise) and my husband and I drove 3 hours (yup, you read that right) to pick it up. My husband rolled his eyes but like a very loving (and smart) husband, he said yes dear. Because after 22 years he knows if mama ain’t happy…you know the rest.


(I now realize how stupid this beer situation looks in this photo),

The original owners gave us the original installation and operation guides and I hope they’d be proud to hear that it is in a loving home and now it sports twinkle lights. (we don’t have a fireplace hook up and that was not going to get done for the One Room Challenge).


What else did I need for this room to pull off my modern rustic vibe? Well, I needed a coffee table and some more seating.

First, let’s talk coffee table. This room isn’t large so I knew I wanted to soften it with a round table but I wasn’t finding one I loved in a circular shape that was either in my price range OR didn’t look like the one in our living room downstairs. I reached out to Inmod because I love their modern furnishings and like the dining chairs we have I knew I could trust their quality in mid-century style furnishings. I selected this Saarinen Tulip Oval coffee table and a little skeptical at first because the top isn’t real wood, I’m pleased to say I was impressed and it’s a great cost-effective solution if you love mid-century but need to feed your family too.




(Do you see what I was trying to do here? I was trying to create a fun game night vibe but this whole beer bottle thing is totally not working.)

I also knew we needed more seating. I wanted a reading corner with a good reading lamp (task lighting). Homepop supplied this cool vintage-inspired chair and ottoman called the Dean Modern accent chair and I chose the color light brown, as well as this little side table for my challenge. This chair was the perfect scale for this room and the neutral brown color worked well with the blue on the sofa.




I love this little table because it has a USB port in it so that charging your devices is suuuuuuper simple and convenient, especially when listing to a podcast or working on my laptop I never have to worry about the battery dying.



This is also where I love to journal. I keep this little Gratitude journal to jot down everything I’m grateful for or when I read or hear a great quote.


Speaking of gratitude. Developing friendships and the support from other women in business is something I’m eternally grateful for. This rug was gifted by local business owner Ellary with Henslin. To be honest rug shopping hurts my heart. Ok not really. But I don’t enjoy it because most rugs that I fall in love with are so far out of my price range.  I searched and searched for a rug and when practicality came into the bigger picture I knew most of the rugs I had pinned were not going to work. Because cat throw up and puppy accidents. You know. Life. I have 3 other vintage rugs in my home and let me tell you they are worth their weight in gold. While they cost a bit more and the first time you spill on one you’re going to freak out a bit. I promise you they are sooooo forgiving. I mean, after all, they have lasted a lifetime or two. So this one, sweet Ellary pre-selected for me after I sent her my design board so she had an idea of the room and the direction I was going to take it. Tip: When you’re up in the air on rug choices ask the expert. And trust them to do their thing. And Ellary did her thaaaannng! Ha!




Before I talk about the accessories and odds and ends and bits and pieces. I want to circle back to the oak-paneled wall by Stikwood that I worked on with my dad. Some of you know he had a terrible battle with cancer over a year ago which landed him on life support for a month but miraculously and all praise to God he left the hospital walking on his own. Fully recovered. Except now it’s back. And having this special time together means the world to me and documenting it here I know I will be thankful for later. This is our second chance. Our chance to learn from what we wish we had done before last year’s experience. All the regrets, all the had I knowns are thrown out and we’re living life! And spending more time together. So although Stikwood didn’t know that their gift of Stikwood was truly a gift of memories, it was and is.


I also can’t thank Black + Decker enough. They gave me the tools we’d need to tackle this DIY! And truth be told, it made my dad envious. LOL!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

This photo of my dad and me decked out in our Black + Decker safety gear before we got started on the project will always be one of my favorite pictures because I told my dad right as this picture was taken to channel his best American Gothic look. He turned and said what? I said you know, American Gothic the two old farmers (man and woman) holding a pitchfork. Oh yeah, he said. So I go, don’t smile. Ha! He thought it was crazy. He also thinks social media is crazy and that “followers” is a “thing”. I tried to explain brand influencing in under 10 seconds so not to lose his attention but he just shook his head and said well how are we going to take pictures for them while we’re working? Great question dad, great question. So needless to say I don’t have many because you know holding power tools and an iPhone in the other hand taking pictures isn’t the safest thing in the world as well as cutting wood with a table saw through your iPhone lens. Do NOT do that. (and no, I didn’t either).

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Stikwood 1

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


I really hoped to have gotten to that wall on the left to wrap the Stikwood around the fireplace but we ran out of time and I wasn’t 100% positive I wanted two walls in wood or just keep one as a focal point.


I think I spoke about my decisions on all the larger pieces of this room design so let’s talk about the little details that go into making a room personal. Like this little sign “What good shall I do this day?” isn’t that what we should all ask ourselves as we begin our day?


Working on a budget ($2000) that may seem like a lot, but if you read my previous week’s post you’ll see how I broke it down.


This may look like a room full of curated treasures that took me months or even years to build upon but nope, it took me two weeks. I surprise myself with how resourceful I can be and Craigslist and Marketplace were great resources to keep costs down vs. scouring through antique stores.


Well, as you can see this room is used for many purposes, from a game of dominoes (crafted by the amazingly talented Andrew Perkins at Fire Road) or meditation with a singing bowl by Renoo this room is well used.


So what are some of my failures with this challenge?

  • Let’s call out the elephant in the room. The dumb beer bottle. #fail
  • Window coverings, the wireless shades I worked on with Blindster did not arrive until the following day so I will post about them soon.
  • Curtain panels, I couldn’t make up my mind quick enough and therefore time got away from me and I missed out on plaid curtains to pop against the all-white wall.
  • 2nd wall of wood paneling, I again couldn’t make up my mind quick enough if a 2nd wall was needed or not. Currently, I think not but we’ll live with it for a while and see.
  • Smart Technology, I didn’t get as far as  I had hoped and visually you can’t see it so that was a bummer. Ha! I will share a blog post before Black Friday so in the event you’re on the fence about incorporating smart technology into your home you can read my review first.
  • Some accessories such as a log holder, I may go and buy the one from Rejuvenation as it’s the only one that seems to catch my eye. Originally I was going to add a bench but when the fireplace went in and the bookshelf and coffee table there wasn’t much room left and I didn’t want the room to look cramped. Because it is really small.
  • There are a few other things I had on my wishlist but you know…budgets…not to say they won’t debut later.

I hope you have enjoyed our 6 weeks together and that if you’re starting a project of your own or looking for ideas, I hope that I helped inspire you.

Oh, and when life makes little messes Black + Decker is my go to! This cordless handheld vacuum gets alllllll the pet hair up and you can find it Here. With 3 pets in our home, this was a necessity.




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Until next time, wishing you all my best!


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7 thoughts on “Modern, Rustic Family-Friendly Media Room – Reveal Week

  1. Lea! You nailed the mid-century rustic vibe, I love it. And girl, don’t beat yourself up over that beer bottle it looks intentional and is the right prop for setting the mood. That fireplace is so goooood, what an amazing find! ❤ Great job.


  2. This room is great, super similar vibes to our actual cabin 🙂 The best part is the Dad photo though. Envious you guys live close enough to do the work together!


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