Modern, Rustic Family-Friendly Media Room – Week 5

Hello! Thank you for stopping by and continuing to check on our progress! I can’t believe we’re at week 5 (with just one more week to go) if you’d like to catch up on previous weeks click Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, and Week 4.


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Ok,  are you ready to get started and see what we’ve been up to?  This week was another big push because if you remember last week we didn’t finish the Stikwood paneled wall.

While I don’t want to show you too much (because I need to save that for next week’s reveal) I will share that I can’t believe how much this has transformed this room!

Stikwood 4

Again, I chose Stikwood’s Golden Oak because I really wanted to create a warm and rustic vibe.

Stikwood 6Stikwood 5

I love all the knots in the wood.

While I shared my DIY skills are a 3 on a scale of 1-10 I have to admit I could not have done this project without the help of my dad.

Stikwood 3

These angles were really tricky and as you know ceilings are uneven and houses settle over time which causes little discrepancies when measuring. I’ll admit I’m not the greatest with measurements so I relied heavily on this guy right here. As you can see I didn’t install a trim piece so all the measurements had to be solid so the Stikwood planks would butt straight up against the wall and ceiling.

Stikwood 1Stikwood 2

So what have I accomplished in the 5 weeks so far?

Plus shopped and found all the other goodies that will go into this room to pull it all together because as you know, it’s alllllll in the details.

Remember this was my concept board:

CWH Media Room

I create these for clients but also for myself because they’re not only a great way to visually “try on” a look together but also a great way to keep all of the items you need as a visual checklist. Do things change from these design boards? Absolutely! But if you are working on your own project making or keeping one of these as you go does help keep your design eye from wandering too far off track.

What are some of the things I still need to do?

  • I designed a custom shade for the window with Blindster but I’m waiting for its arrival and I hope it’s here in time.
  • I decided on plaid curtain panels to frame the window out but I don’t have the time to have them made by next Monday (when the photographer is on site)
  • I haven’t setup Smart lights yet because I need to stay within my budget of $2000. Here’s a little project cost breakdown (before tax):
    • Fireplace $475
    • Record Player $180
    • Google Home Mini $49
    • Decor and accessories $1100
    • Painter $100
    • Styling props $50 (flowers and plants)

All other items (i.e: furnishing, speaker, plank wall, tools, decor, and accessories) are all gifted by generous sponsors which I will share in the reveal next week because I don’t want to give too much away this week.

Ok, do you want a little sneak peek though? (I’m going with you’re shaking your head yes)

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Yes, most everything here was thrifted or purchased at an antique store or on Craigslist! I love how this all turned out!


That’s all I’ll be sharing with you this week as next week is Reveal week and I have so much in store for you!

Thank you so much for visiting and be sure to check out the other Guests of the One Room Challenge!


See you soon!








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