Modern, Rustic Family-Friendly Media Room – Week 3

Welcome back! Well, we’re halfway through the challenge and I don’t feel like I have anything accomplished so that’s a little scary. What’s even scarier? I am not panicking. Like I should be having a full blown meltdown right now. Completely freaking out. But I’m not.



Call me crazy but I’m just rolling with it this year. Yes, I did plan a little ahead and source materials and accessories but I do have a few things on back order, I need a light fixture installed, I need to install wood paneling and share my DIY (sponsored by Black + Decker), I need to paint, I need to install a shade on the window, I need to set up smart technology, ahhhh the list goes on.

I will tell you today that this past weekend I drove alllllllll the way to Wisconsin (ok, it was only 1.5 hours but I’m a dramatic person) to pick up the fireplace for this room. Do you want to see it?

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

This is a pretty rough picture but I was so excited I had to snap one real quick and I can’t wait to see it installed up in the media room.

Let me tell you this couple that previously owned this fireplace was absolutely the cutest! They kept all the original parts and pieces and even the owners manual and were so so happy to hear that it was going to a good home and not left to rust outside as an outdoor firepit. (although I do love that idea and I am in no way knocking it) This Preway was just too good to do that to though.

So last week you saw a couple of my inspiration pics for this room, here are a couple more:

Hewing hotel
Hewing Hotel

I love the masculine and feminine balance here and the plaid just gets me!

Ben Carstensen

I love the wood tone, the fireplace (naturally) and of course the balance of new and old.

Speaking of old. I’ve been a busy bee finding amazing one of a kind vintage and antique pieces. Like this (sneak peek):

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

When I purchase new furnishings and pieces I try to balance out with old. Like for every 2 new pieces, there’s one old piece. I feel like that’s the depth. That’s the character. While I love vintage and antiques I equally don’t want my entire home filled with them, that’s why I try to balance. I don’t consider myself a collector but I do appreciate a good found piece.

Accessories are fun and they’re sort of like the cherry on top when designing so I’ll get into more of the accessories I chose for this room and why later.

This week will be a big push and I hope to move onto painting the room, sourcing the right rug (and I’ll share quite a bit about this because sometimes rug hunting can feel daunting), a little DIY with Stikwood and new window treatments. In the coming weeks, I’ll also share more about incorporating technology and specifically smart technology into a space as well as accessorizing.

Please check back next week for lots of progress!


See ya soon!



PS – Don’t forget to check out the other Guest participants of the One Room Challenge! You can read more about what they’re all up to here.






7 thoughts on “Modern, Rustic Family-Friendly Media Room – Week 3

  1. I love this, especially the fireplace! I have a red one outside and it’s holding up pretty well, fingers crossed 🙂 I share the same feeling of needing to balance out the old with the new. Looks beautiful so far!


  2. Oh my word that fireplace is bananas!!! I love where you are headed and I can’t wait to see where you end up. I’m also looking forward to your future post about smart technology (taking notes for the family room we have on deck…).


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