Modern, Rustic Family-Friendly Media Room – Week 2

Hello and thank you for stopping for another visit, this is now Week 2 of the One Room Challenge! You can read more about last week’s post (week 1) here.

This week I want to talk more about how the room looks before (or now) and what inspired me to take it in the direction it’s going.

ORC Logo

Currently, this room is just a  hodgepodge of leftover furniture from our previous homes and it’s sort of becoming somewhat of a dumping ground. The furniture is too large and not comfortable and it’s become my husband’s “man cave”. I want to change that. Not to take away from him, finding places for everyone in our home to feel comfortable in is the most important to me but this room needs work and we do have an entire finished basement (which hopefully, will make its debut in next year’s ORC).

Ok back to this room. It’s dark (but east facing so it can be much brighter). The walls are a deep, moody grayish-green which is a lovely color BUT so wrong for this room (similar to what was going on in our master bedroom which you can read here). This room (like the master bedroom) has steep roof pitches from the shed dormers outside so this moody color on the walls only calls it out more prominently in the ceiling. See below for what I mean:

Before 1

We have a photobomber too.

Before 2

Before 3

Ok, you get the idea for the ceiling and how the two colors meet and how they don’t work together at all because frankly there’s not any architectural interest here to highlight.

Here is a view of the doorway and from the outside hallway looking in:

Before 4

See how tight the furniture is squeezed into this tiny room?

Before 5

This room is so small as you can see and equally the furnishings in it are much too large for this space. I want to create a room that’s a good fit for everyone in our family who is looking for that quiet space to retreat to or be together enjoying some quality time without a TV.  This tiny room will need to work hard and pack a huge design punch. BUT, that will be part of the fun! The challenge!

Already, my design concept has changed just a bit, here is a little update of some of the design details that will go into this room.

CWH Media Room

I’m hoping to create a fun and relaxing retreat where we can read a good book, play a board game, enjoy a favorite podcast, listen to music or all of the above! I will be looking to incorporate smart technology into this room because in today’s world we’re all connected somehow and someway and I want to share with you how easy that can be without taking away from the beauty and simplicity and rustic nature of this room. Balance. This is what will be key to pulling this design off successfully.

Here are a couple pictures I drew my inspiration from:

Inspo 1
Photo from Architectural Digest

As you can see, I took my wood tones from this inspiration. Living in MN we are surrounded by trees and lakes and greenery so it was only natural to stay “natural”.

Here is another source I drew my inspiration from:

Inspo 2
Photo: Schoolhouse Electric

This photo reminds me of the rustic woods and comfy and cozy woolen blankets I grew up with.

So now that you’ve seen the before photos and some inspiration photos, I’m hoping to share some progress or in-progress photos with you next week. I’ll tackle a little DIY this year where I’ll share a step by step tutorial and then I’ll take you on a small tour of a local boutique where I source some of my favorite pieces.

Until next time!

Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to check out the other Guests of the One Room Challange!







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