Modern, Rustic Family-Friendly Media Room

Welcome! It’s that time of year again where we are kicking off a brand new season of the One Room Challenge! This year I will be creating a media room for the family (furry members included of course) and I hope you tune in every week to see what I’m up to!

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So what do I have planned? I will create a space that’s warm and inviting for the whole family and yet modern for the way we live and interact today. While we do live in a world of technology, my goal is to take this room back a step or two in time. A place where we can gather as a family and play board games and hang out or a place when a quiet reading spot is coveted. There won’t be a TV (at least, for now, that could change in years to come). But, we all know media comes in many forms so I will incorporate charging stations and speakers for the many times we want to listen to our Spotify playlists or our favorite podcasts.


Let’s get started with some of the initial details that we need and are on our list.

Modern-rustic, Family-Friendly Media Room Must Haves:

Comfortable seating


  • General
  • Ambient
  • Task

Soft and cozy textiles

Activity surface



Sound/charging stations

Rad Décor


I’m pulling my inspiration from the Midwest (MN in particular) because well, that’s where we live. I love looking at the things and places around me for guidance. Here there will be lots of textures and woods.


Taking center stage will be this sofa by Jonathan Louis Furniture. I chose the Alchemy sofa in the condo size and in the Hugo Indigo fabric. First narrowing down the style was difficult for me, I knew I wanted a mid-century style sofa but I don’t necessarily want to create an entire mid-century room. I also had to keep in mind the room I’m making over isn’t large so we needed a small scale sofa. I think the most fun thing about this room for me is the challenge of a small space that needs to work hard. While it must work hard, it must look aesthetically pleasing as well and as always quality is VERY important. When selecting staple pieces for a room such as a sofa, I will always go with quality and craftsmanship over price. Splurge a little on the sofa and save on the decor when you can because decor changes and trends change. If you’re looking for a sofa like mine or where you can find one in your area, click Here.

Next, I needed to figure out a color. When first walking into this space the sofa is the first thing you see so it’s a focal point in the room. Can furniture arrangements change? Absolutely! And ours probably will to some extent over the years but in this small space, there aren’t many options for placement. I knew I didn’t want to go neutral, I knew I wanted something a little bolder because this room is about creativity and fun! I went back and forth between greens, browns (don’t ask) and ultimately had my Ah-ha moment with blue. I must’ve pulled a thousand and one fabric swatches. Finally, I chose a Polyester/nylon blend called Hugo in the Indigo color. It’s soft, easy to clean and has a little bit of a brushed twill feel to it. Nothing fancy, we’re not fancy people! Besides, in this room, I don’t want to have to worry about spills and if you’re laying around on the furniture. Go ahead, take that nap!

Here’s a little close up so you can see the color and weave.

Blue sofa fabric swatch

JL Fabric Back

So while the sofa was in production (I had to get moving because I’ve learned the hard way with this One Room Challange that time is your biggest adversary). Since writing this post, the sofa has been delivered and she’s a beauty!  Next week, we’ll get into some more of the details going into this new room!

Here’s a little sneak peek!

Blue Sofa

Until then share with me your favorite Podcasts so I can start channeling some of my modern rustic media room vibes!


See you next week and thank you for stopping by! Be sure to check out the other Guest participants of the One Room Challenge!




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