Master Bedroom Makeover – Reveal


We finally made it! Can you believe it’s reveal week already?! I have so much to talk about (alllll the details) so I won’t fill you up on small talk, let’s dive right in!

TEM Photography

If you’d like to catch up on previous weeks click the following: week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4 and week 5. We spoke a lot about paint and even took a paint poll where you all helped narrow down my choices – THANK YOU so much! It was a toss between Glacier Mountain and Shell Tint. We ultimately went with Shell Tint by Hirshfield’s in eggshell. If you want to learn more about choosing the right paint finishes, I laid them out for you in week 4. I also went with Hirshfield’s platinum ceramic in their ultra premium line for the best coverage. We painted over a really dark color and going to white I thought we would need a primer but nope! Come to find out from our painter, primer is really only necessary with new drywall. Otherwise a good coverage paint is all you need and we only needed 2 coats! Without sounding like a commercial or “pitchy” I truly love Hirshfield’s and my experience with them! Also, if you’re like me it’s important to support family owned businesses as well as local businesses like Hirshfield’s. Look how bright this space turned out! I am so in love with how it feels now, it just feels refreshing going to bed and waking in the morning.

TEM Photography

Remember how I raved about the draperies? Check out these details!

TEM Photography

I cannot get over the quality of these draperies by Calico as well as the hand forged French rods. I went with pinch pleats here because I love the look at the top for added detail.


Here I want to share with you a close up of the Calico craftsmanship. What are some of the details that you see in custom draperies?

  • double hems
  • weighted corners
  • double stitched

I am certainly not a textile expert but I knew I wanted to invest in quality draperies for this room and Calico and their team of experts just blew my mind away!

TEM Photography

TEM Photography

Look how beautiful they hang and kiss the floor just so.

Image Courtesy: Rebekah Poppen Photography

This window was a biggie! It measures over 9 feet wide and these panels are one solid panel on each side so as you can imagine they’re quite full. Calico’s design team recommended wands for these for easy opening and closing.

TEM PhotographyTEM Photography

I love the smooth glide across the French rods. To me, it’s these little details and finishing touches that matter the most in great design. While these draperies would have been quite a splurge (I do have a contract with Calico which made these attainable) I knew it would be so well worth it, especially when this is after all, our bedroom. I needed it to feel like a sanctuary and quality materials, thoughtful design and purposeful purchases were my top priorities for this space. To hear some more behind the scenes details of these draperies and hardware click here.

With the airy-ness of the fresh new paint and the tailored and voluptuous draperies, we also needed a mattress.

TEM Photography

We chose because it fit all our check boxes. I went into loads of mattress details and why we chose this mattress here. Without repeating myself so as not to bore you, our decision came down to truly organic materials and craftsmanship as well as the story behind this father creating a safe product for his daughter, now you know it’s made out of love!

TEM PhotographyTEM Photography

We chose the Natural Escape in a standard king size.

TEM PhotographyTEM Photography

TEM Photography

I also chose these organic sheets from Target. You can read more about my bedding details here.

TEM Photography

TEM Photography

The blanket I chose is the Winter + Summer Cotton Coverlet by Schoolhouse Electric. I love the graphic details on this blanket and it’s truly an heirloom quality piece.

TEM Photography

I also love playing with textures and patterns. Here, the focal is the blanket but I’ve layered over a small delicate print paired against the subtle backdrop of the ticking on the draperies and topped with a fun polka dot stitched pillow.

TEM Photography

TEM PhotographyTEM Photography

Let’s take a look at lighting next. Every room needs good lighting, right? We have one ceiling light (our general light) and here I chose the Humphrey semi-flush mount fixture by Hudson Valley Lighting.

TEM PhotographyTEM Photography

General lighting is necessary for lighting up the entire room when you need good overall lighting. The defuser on this fixture helps to soften the glow.

Next, we have task lighting and these gorgeous fixtures are by Minneapolis’ own Bellacor. Bellacor has such a huge online presence and so selecting these fixtures was not only fun but I now have like a million and one things in my shopping cart! Ha! Here I chose the Dainolite fixtures for their mid-century modern aesthetic. These allow for great reading light (we may even throw these on a dimmer for ambiance lighting as well). They’re design is so pretty.

TEM PhotographyTEM Photography

Look at the detail here. Just like I love mixing textile patterns, I equally love mixing metals. And I have a simple guide to help you can achieve this look in your own home. Click here to read more about mixing metals in your home decor.

Lastly, in our room, I added this awesome lamp as accent lighting. I was able to score this little cutie on clearance at Target and it sure doesn’t skimp on style one bit!

TEM PhotographyTEM Photography

See what I mean? This may have been the best $14 I’ve ever spent!

TEM Photography

The three metals in my room are:

  • Focal metal – the polished nickel bed and it’s cameo in the modern accent lamp.
  • Secondary metal – the ebony hardware on doors, curtain rods and the table lamps as well as the finial on the ceiling fixture.
  • Accent metal – the brass of the table lamps and vintage pieces around the room.


Back to patterns and mixing textiles, here you can see another pattern I’ve mixed into the room.

TEM Photography

This beautiful rug is by Plush Rugs and here I chose an 8 x 10. When choosing a rug for your bedroom make sure you can walk all the way around it so that it doesn’t look too tiny in scale to your furnishings.

TEM Photography

Let’s talk accessorizing a little here. I’ll bring you in closer.

TEM Photography

I love thrifting, in fact, it’s become a passion of mine. I feel there is something so special in finding pieces that were once loved and made in a simpler time or way. Pieces that have stood the test of time and carry so much character.

TEM Photography

TEM Photography

Here I’ve mixed new and old. I think my favorite piece is that wooden pedestal and this beautiful print by Minnesota’s own Melissa Coleman @thefauxmartha while gorgeously framed by Art to Frames out of Brooklyn, New York. I am in love with and will continue to support them because the quality of their handmade frames is top-notch! This frame here is solid oak and I love it with this print I found on Etsy.

TEM PhotographyTEM Photography

The warm wood tones create such a beautiful surround here.

Another way to accessorize is with plants. I love using plants in all different shapes and sizes and bonus they help clean the air, so don’t forget about incorporating them in your bedroom!

TEM PhotographyTEM PhotographyTEM Photography

Again, thrift stores are the perfect place to find inexpensive and unique vessels and planters.

TEM PhotographyTEM Photography

Personal momentoes should be displayed in every room of your home and even utilitarian pieces can still be displayed beautifully.

Image Courtesy: Rebekah Poppen Photography

Here I keep my favorite photo of my grandmother, my daughter when she was younger with her beloved horse and a couple thrifted pieces such as this sculptural piece and hand thrown dish that’s perfect for my rings.

Image Courtesy: Rebekah Poppen Photography

On the other side, my husband keeps his favorite watch I gifted to him years ago and cuff links corralled in this walnut tray along with some bedside essentials and this thrifted brass clock that doubles as a compass.

Moving around the room to the other side; in our room we went years (don’t ask) without a full length mirror. The one I wanted was quite expensive from Rejuvenation but working on a budget I found this one from Ikea. I love the clean simple lines on this mirror that gives a modern and minimalistic aesthetic.

TEM Photography

I don’t have loads and loads of jewelry but if I did, this mirror also doubles as storage and you can hang additional jewelry behind it with its swing out hinges installed.

I also love these wall hooks because I felt like they also attributed to my minimalistic style which I’ve often described as wabi-sabi for my love of perfectly imperfect. These wall hooks are handmade by Grovemade out of Portland, OR and what I love most about their simplistic design is how they are beautiful just by themselves. True wabi-sabi.

TEM PhotographyTEM Photography

With the exception of our bed (which is about 17 years old) all the furnishings were thrifted by way of Craigslist! While thrifting does take time and time was desperately working against me in this challenge, it is a great way to recycle pieces headed to the dumpster (so it’s a way to help keep this planet green), it’s generally cost-effective as well as you can score pieces that are unique and one of a kind. Plus, did I mention I love mixing and matching? LOL!

So what are some of the things I didn’t get done in this challenge that I’m hoping to share with you later down the road?

  • bookcases under the roof dormers.
  • A highboy or hutch dresser (for the north wall)
  • vintage chairs (preferably velvet)

In the 5 weeks (because photography takes 1 week away from me), here’s what we did accomplish:

  • painting the room – light and bright
  • custom draperies – much-needed privacy without skimping on style
  • lighting – general, task and accent were all accounted for
  • rug – with hardwood floors a soft rug underfoot is so necessary
  • organic mattress – because we spend so much of our lives sleeping, why not invest in a great quality and eco-friendly solution
  • artwork – every room (big or small) needs artwork
  • personal touches – function and personality
  • plants – clean air


Before I go I want to thank you ALL for following along my journey and if you’re thinking of joining the next One Room Challenge I encourage you to go for it! If you’re someone like me, it takes a 6 week challenge to keep me on my toes!


All my best,




Without the work of these generous sponsors I could not have pulled this off! My hat and heart goes out to all of you, it’s been such a pleasure working with you all! THANK YOU!


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As well as Linda and the amazing hosts of the One Room Challenge!

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And please don’t forget to check out all the reveals from the amazing designers and DIYers of the One Room Challenge – Guests!







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  1. Those curtains are absolutely gorgeous – I’m slowly working on my master bedroom and they are giving me some good ideas. They work so perfectly with the rest of the beautiful linens you picked for the room.

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