One Room Challenge – Basement Remodel Week 5

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Welcome back! I hope you’ve been following along with us as we made a TON of progress last week and I had some REALLY great information to share, if you missed it, click here to catch up!

So the One Room Challenge has been extended a week and while that is amazing news for those of us who needed that additional week, as a blogger this threw me off a bit. This week we were going to share some of the final details and finishing touches before the reveal but hey, we’re going to save that for next week.

Today I want to share a little peak at the styling inspiration board for the office. It’s such a light and bright space now with those cozy wood floors that I thought adding little touches of texture and playfulness as well as functional decor (as I like to call it) for Tiffany. What’s functional decor? Well, you know…pretty enough to stand out on it’s own but useful at the same time. So here we go!

Sass ORC

Tiffany is a photographer and so organization was key along with she has such a great eye for detail and softness and everything pretty I wanted to make sure to capture that too. Because who says an office should read boring? No way! This office is designed for the creative mind and artist so it had to evoke feelings of inspiration and fun energy.

Want to catch up on a few pics to see how far we’ve come? Here are a couple before and nows.


Buh bye ugly old wall paneling!

And this is now!


Gorgeous right? I’m so excited to share more but be sure to catch us next week where we’ll reveal a few of the finishing details before all our styling shenanigans begin!


See you next week!



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One thought on “One Room Challenge – Basement Remodel Week 5

  1. oh one beautiful and bright basement coming up!! can’t wait to see it all done in 2 weeks. Have been looking for inspiration to use in-stock cabinets for a custom built-in look …. I will have to check in again to see how your pull yours off!


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