One Room Challenge – Week 2 – Basement Remodel

ORC Blue


Welcome back! I’m so glad you decided to follow along with our journey on this HUGE project! If you’re just tuning in we are in the midst of a complete basement remodel and what an overhaul it is! You can check out last week’s post here.

This week we have started all the sheetrocking. As you know we completed rough electrical and inspections so it as ok to finally close up the walls. I know this doesn’t look like much progress but let me tell you it is!



I know these aren’t all the pretty and styled photos but a lot and I mean A LOT of hard work went into getting us this far.


I know my client (Tiffany) is finally so relieved to move past the inspection point  because now it’s time to paint and this is when the space finally takes a turn and starts looking more like a room. Here are the paint colors this client has in mind. Is that a beautiful Mongolian fur throw below? Nah. It’s just Ranger!)



We tested these out during different times of the day and against lighting to see how these would work (colors are for their office, bathroom, bar/entertaining area and family room – but here for the ORC we are focusing on the office).

image3 (1)


Stay tuned to see what this client chose as well as the flooring!

image4 (1)


Hope to see ya’ll next week and thank you for stopping by to check on us!



ORC Blue

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