Modern Kitchen Makeover Reveal

Good morning! This is week number 6 of the One Room Challenge, hosted by Calling it Home  and House Beautiful! And…you know what that means…it’s reveal week! Whew! We finally made it! High five! Today I will share with you my journey and how I took our new construction kitchen and created a space of warmth and personality that ties into the rest of our home. I wanted to take the most hardworking room in the house and turn it into a space that didn’t feel like the hardest working room in the house. Here goes…

ORC Gold

As you may have seen in my previous blog posts (click Here and Here if you want to read more about them) our home is about a year old and our kitchen is an all white kitchen. While I love white on white kitchens it’s important to keep them from feeling cold and sterile. In fact the only design element that brought warmth into our kitchen were the medium toned wood floors.

Farmhouse Barn Lights

Now, I love a modern farmhouse aesthetic and feel so that is the look I was going for. Moving into our home we were on a very tight decorating budget but I was able to take it from cold to warmer.

Kitchen Style


First up were the shades on the windows for some much-needed privacy and I turned to none other than The Shade Store. We chose the Waterfall Woven Wood shade from the naturals collection in Tahoe Oak, for a close up of our selection click Here. This is one beautiful, modern and minimalistic shade that added just enough visual warmth and texture without taking away from the clean lines of the cabinetry.



I also peppered in some greenery to help bring life to the space as well as seating around the island but to me it was still lacking something. So… after we finished the Spring Home Love home tour blog hop (click Here for that blog post) I decided it was time to kick it up a notch.

It was time to put pen to paper and think about some of the things I would love in my kitchen if I could have them. Here are the top 3 that were most important to me:

  1. Display Space
  2. Color
  3. Balance

Our kitchen is an L shaped kitchen and to me, it was looking off-balance and symmetry is important to me. But in order to do so would be tricky because we don’t have the space on the 3rd wall to add full cabinetry and maintain the ability to still walk past the island. From the side of the island to the wall are just 43 inches. What to do? I turned to Ikea. I mean they are pretty amazing when it comes to small spaces, right? Ikea is where I ran into the Eket cabinet measuring under 10 inches deep was just what I needed! This still leaves us with over 33 inches of walk space between the island and now the cabinets. Here I took two Eket cabinets and decided to “float” them on the wall. I mounted them 14 inches off the floor so they feel taller than the island. Next, I needed the display space I always wanted so I selected the Lack shelves. We have 9 foot ceilings so I decided to use 3 shelves keeping 12.5 inches between my three to the ceiling (I did keep 19 and 3/4 inches from the top of the cabinet to the 1st shelf).

Lack shelves

Lack shelves 2

I later added hardware to jazz up the white cabinetry to match the rest of the kitchen cabinetry hardware using D. Lawless’ beautiful hardware in Artesia Sedona Bronze. If you’re in search of great quality hardware with affordable prices be sure to check out D. Lawless!


If I had to list my top 3 easy and affordable design elements to update a kitchen, I’d say they would be:

  1. Change out cabinetry hardware
    1. It’s all in the details!
  2. Swap light fixtures
    1. Let great lighting be the jewelry to your space!
  3. Paint
    1. Color can change the look and feel to anything!



Next up…lighting! While I love the vintage barn lights that were hanging in our kitchen, they weren’t right for the feel I was going for and light fixtures are a pretty simple change!

For light fixtures I love a statement, as stated above I like to think of them as the jewelry to a room. So design, quality, and craftmanship are my priorities. Over the kitchen island I selected the Webster pendant by Hudson Valley Lighting (click the link to go right to the source!). What I love about the Webster’s are their classic shape but modern design and the brass complimented well with the cabinetry hardware as well as the black contrasted well against all of the white. I chose two Webster pendants in the 14 inch option because our kitchen island is 80 inches wide. These make the perfect statement looking into our kitchen from front on without obstructing the large window behind them.





We also needed new lighting for our cooking area, but not necessarily task lighting, I was looking more for ambient lighting. Our challenge? On one side of the vent hood we only have 6 inches to the refrigerator cabinet surround. That means…little room for shade diameter. That’s where Sazerac Stiches came to the rescue, I chose the Loa sconce in all matte black. I feel the black gives a nice contrast to the white cabinetry and white shiplap wall.



Next? On to the fun part! Decorating!



I first shopped my own home and artwork was the first item on my decor punch list! Who says artwork can’t work in a kitchen? Pffft. Not this girl! Art instantly adds color and personality. Next, functional pieces that display beautifully such as serving pieces, cake stands, platters, dessert plates and bowls. Peppered in for some more color are vases, greenery and fresh flowers.





To sum up how I added warmth and personality to my kitchen?

  • Symmetry. Even when you don’t have it, you can create it visually like I did by adding carefully selected pieces that don’t take up square footage but create balance and focus.
  • Gold accents are a perfect way to warm up the all white space being gold is a warm tone.
  • The beautiful woven wood shades were the perfect warm tone and texture and they balance the warmth of the wood floor.
  • Statement fixtures not only contribute functionality for tasks and ambiance they pack a huge visual punch!
  • Artwork and non-kitchen decor pieces bring in warmth and personality as well as carry the look and feel from other rooms in your home to your kitchen.
  • Greenery, fresh flowers and candles. Because I said so.





Looking into the kitchen (we have an open concept) the dining room plays a very intricate part and one that couldn’t go untouched with the kitchen refresh. Here we have a very large (measuring 93 inches long) farmhouse style table that’s VERY heavy…the previous small farmhouse style light fixture was just lost floating above it measuring only 24 inches in diameter. It definitely did not balance well nor pack the visual punch it would need to play with the new Webster pendants.  So who did I turn to again for the solution? Yup, you got it! Hudson Valley Lighting! This time I needed something mammoth in size, this piece needed to not only compliment the Webster pendants, it needed to also say, I’m HERE! And who else could announce their place at the diner table better than the Fleming chandelier! Talk about drop. dead. gorgeousness! Designer tip: throw this baby on a dimmer! Talk about a statement fixture! Va va va voom! This is more like a piece of artwork all by itself! Beware this beauty is swanky and sexy! Get your martinis, bourbon and champagne ready for a toast under this canopy of lights!






Rewind…back to reality. This is a home of a family of 4 (plus two cats) and let’s be honest most nights we’re gathered around our table for a quick and easy meal before rushing off to busy activities. But who says the Fleming is only for formal cocktail hours? Stop. It.

Balance folks. Real Life. Contrast. Compliment.

How do you dress up a pair of ripped and destroyed jeans? A great pair of shoes!

AND…just the opposite. How do you dress down a sport jacket and blouse? Rolled up boyfriend jeans!

What am I trying to say? What does clothing have to do with this light fixture? Well…nothing. But then again…everything.

Here I’ve set our table for a fun and casual meal at the table. Vintage gold-rimmed dinner plates (inherited by my husband’s great-aunt) are topped with inexpensive salad plates and napkins picked up from Homegoods. Beautiful, crystal Reidel wine glasses pair with inexpensive tumblers from Target. Oh, that gorgeous Lucite silverware? Let me tell ya, my husband’s great aunt was one stylish lady! Yes, she was! Add bread/cheese boards, candles and fresh flowers and you’re all set! All under that swanky light fixture!






And yes, we really do have family game nights, food fights and even table ping-pong right under this piece of art!


There you have it! A little tour of my 6 week project and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! (See below for a complete list of participating sponsors).




ORC Blue



I cannot thank these folks enough for their help in making this project a reality!


Hudson ValleyTEM Photo

The Shade Store

SazeracD Lawless


I would also like to give a very special THANK YOU to the hosts of the #OneRoomChallenge

CIH LogopngHouse Beautiful Logo









17 thoughts on “Modern Kitchen Makeover Reveal

  1. Lea, love love love the kitchen makeover! I’m digging the modern farmhouse style in here! And yes to the symmetry and the Buffalo check top 🙌🏽 Love ya girl❤️


  2. Lea!!! It is all so amazing! I love love love that chandelier, it’s just absolutely stunning and unique! I also love all the touches of gold. You nailed this my friend!


  3. Lea, you are the cutest!! I have loved following you and seeing the progress of your beautiful home come together. The floating shelves look amazing and everything is perfectly styled. You are so talented my friend!!


  4. I would love to know the dimensions of your kitchen. I want to redo my kitchen and thought about putting an island in mine but thought it would be too crowded. Looking at your kitchen, it looks very similar to mine with the door placement and window. Your kitchen is just beautiful. Love it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kitty!
      There is 40″ between the island and the back row of cabinets where the sink is and between the island and the range wall. However, there are only 32″ between the floating shelf wall and the island. Thank you very much!



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