My Kitchen in 6 weeks!

Hey there! I’m so glad you stopped by, let me show you what I’m working on…

As you may already know I am participating in the One Room Challenge! I have two projects going on. One is my own (which I’ll share with you all today) and it features my kitchen makeover. The second (because you know, as if one wasn’t enough…LOL!) is for a client who is currently going through an entire basement remodel! Be sure to read my previous post.

But today we’re going to switch things up a bit and shift the focus over to my own project. (I’ll alternate between projects every week during the 6 weeks so be sure to check back often).

Our kitchen is new. It’s just under 1 years old. What is there to makeover you ask? Well, when we designed it…or designed it…I knew I wanted a white on white kitchen. And we did just that. And I love it. BUT…it’s lacking warmth, character and personality.

farmhouse kitchen

Recently I have made a few changes to jazz up the space (check out my Spring Home Tour Blog Hop!)

And I took it from sterile to warmer…

modern farmhouse kitchen
Photo Courtesy of TEM Photo


Kitchen Design
Photo courtesy of TEM Photo

Now, you may think that looks great! My husband sure does! Our friends and family sure do! BUT…if you’re an eclectic soul like me who happens to be a bit of an interior designer (hehehe…)it doesn’t stop here. Nope. I need color, I need dimension, I need collected and fantastic finds, I need texture, I need artwork, I need…MORE.

So today, I thought I would share with you my own idea board so you can get a sense and feel for where my eye and heart are taking me…


As you can see I’m kicking things up a notch. My kitchen has modern farmhouse bones and we’ll be adding lots of personality! I love vintage pieces and I love the clean lines of minimalistic and modern pieces so why not have the best of both worlds? Or multiple worlds in my case…

So there you have it! An insider scoop as to what’s to come! Be sure to keep checking back as I’ll be sharing with you my resources and some fun to artists too!


Thanks for stopping by!


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5 thoughts on “My Kitchen in 6 weeks!

  1. Everything that you have put here are important things that should be considered in kitchen make over. You will need every point to determine how much the project will cost. That’s why planning ahead of time will surely give you a different outcome for your kitchen.


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