How to Refresh Your Decor Style for Spring

Welcome friends! I hope you had fun visiting with my friend Brandi at Don’t Disturb This Groove, don’t you just love her name? And doesn’t she have an amazingly beautiful home? I love her style and DIY projects, she’s always up to something fun! If you’re new here to my blog, don’t wait, come on in!

Let me tell you the older I get, the more and more I loathe the winter months and yearn for warmer and sunnier skies. Yes, this girl is so ready for springtime! So today I’m going to share how I like to decorate our home for spring.

So grab your cup of coffee or tea (I’m a coffee drinker) and please sit a spell with me while I take you on a little tour of our home.

We moved into our home last May and have slowly but surely been busy making it ours. Our budget has been a little tight but that just makes it more fun, doesn’t it? I love a challenge and I think the tighter the budget the more I get those creative juices flowing. So let’s start out in the entryway shall we…

Entryway Design

As you can see I’m somewhat of a minimalist. But I struggle real hard between hoarder and minimalist. Don’t ask. The struggle really is real. Anyway, the bench I found online and after many searches for a black bench that I loved and within my budget I had just about given up. Then I found this one, but it was in a pale butter yellow (apparently, butter yellow was the color on sale over this past winter because it was a great bargin) so…into my virtual shopping cart it went and with the addition of two cans of spray paint, voila! Bench dilemma resolved. I also knew we’d need a quick and easy place to hang a coat or grab a sweater so this little peg rack I found did just the trick because it serves double duty as a little ledge that I can display some of my thrift store paintings. And, these super cute ceramic wall planters were hand-made by Muddy Heart be sure to check out her other hand-made and unique products. I absolutely love them and you will too! Oh and by the way, don’t forget to check out my previous post for a little tutorial on how to create the striped light fixture. As you can see here, we’re definitely not afraid of bold colors and patterns in this house! This is where loud voices, big personalities and even bigger hearts live.

Our home is very open concept so walking in the front door you can pretty much see the entire first floor! But we like it, and wanted a home that we could all hang out in together and be together. So let’s begin! To the right of our entry is our living room.

Living Room Style

I must admit I think my style has evolved from modern farmhouse to more modern eclectic. As a lover of design I just can’t box myself into one style and I’m afraid of design commitments. (insert covers face emoji) so eclectic it sure is! And so am I!

So, what’s some of my decorating go to solutions that I use when refreshing my home or decorating for the season? First stop, fresh flowers and greenery. The other? Pillows! I promise decorating doesn’t need to be costly with just a few simple changes and trust me, these two pack a decorating punch! Also, if you’re like me, rugs are also high on the priority list. With the addition or changing of rugs, you can transform a room like no other and I’ve been loving this super soft rug for quite some time. By the way, most of my decor pieces here are thrifted finds but I have listed out a few sources below (please note: I am not affiliated, but I am sponsored by a few of the companies listed below). Thrift stores are a magical place full of all sorts of potential and treasures! Fads change, styles evolve, the next “it” thing will go out. So when you’re looking for inexpensive ways to add a little something for the seasons, start with your local thrift stores first. Plus, you’ll feel good about helping the environment and your community. It’s a win-win-win. The trifecta approach!

Living Room Sources:                                                                                                                                        1. Rug – NuLOOM      2. Window Shade – The Shade Store      3. Red Pillow – Tonic Living       4. Sofa – West Elm    5. Floor Lamp and end table – Target    6. Candle – Ful Candles

Here’s a closer look at some of the details.

Ful Candles

Mmm…can you smell this candle burning? It’s the most perfect and lightly scented blend of mandarin and bergamot.

Modern Eclectic

See how adding touches of nature and vibrant pillows can really add color and interest to your interiors?

Modern Eclectic Decor

Alright, follow me, let’s move into the kitchen next!

Kitchen Design

Our kitchen is east facing and let me tell you it gets bright in here! So bright that I’m often found wearing sunglasses in the morning inside our house! Well, that was until I found The Shade Store! I can not begin to tell you how easy they are to work with. No, I’m not just saying that, give them a try and you will see for yourself.  They sent out a technician to measure our windows, I literally went online and selected alllllllll (ok, almost all) of the samples I could ever dream of! And after mulling over all the different delicious materials, we selected the Hampton -3 in the woven woods collection, we also chose the Cascade style shade. And The Shade Store sent out an installer to install them! Done! Easy peasy! Boom! You like easy too, right?

Alright, alright, stay focused Lea. Our friends are here to see how we refresh for spring. (It’s all the coffee I’ve been drinking, I swear)! LOL!

Ok. As you can see our kitchen is white and with this big window it’s also very bright. Keeping with my decor aesthetic of using natural elements to spruce up my home, I carried that same feeling into the kitchen. Fresh flowers, fresh greenery, natural wood elements and did I mention how these shades warm up this space? Let’s take a closer look at the details…

Here are more fresh touches that I use to spruce up my kitchen. How cute are those bunny ear plates?

Even some pretty glass soap bottles can make a kitchen feel more special.

This is a different view of the kitchen so you can see how much I really love greenery! (You may call me the plant lady one day). Or the crazy cat lady. All of which I am. True facts. (Scroll to the bottom of this post to see who else wants to say Hi).

Kitchen Design

Wow! I have enjoyed your company so much! I know it’s time for you to hop on over to the next tour but I would love to share just one more space with you before you go.

This is our main hallway. There are some details that I still need to find the time to get around to but I just had to share one last resource with you. Drum roll please…the wallpaper! Yes y’all! This girl who can’t make any design commitments made the committment to this gorgeous wallpaper! So who’s the source you say? None other than Wallpaper Direct! And…I used their recommended Albany concentrated adhesive all by myself)! Can you tell I’m so proud of myself? Seriously, it was so easy and I’m a suuuuper wallpaper newbie!

How to style an entryHallway designModern Eclectic

Well there you have it! Thank you so much for stopping by and be sure to check out my virtual neighbor Dara over at Hood Creek Log Cabin next as well as all of the other talented hosts of our #springhomelove blog hop home tour! (I’ve even made it easy and included all the links to their homes below). Because that’s how I roll. Easy. Wait. That didn’t come out the way I meant it. (shrugs) I’ll blame it on the coffee talk and go with it!

See you next time!



PS – A great big thank you to all the participating sponsors and TEM Photography as I couldn’t have made it without you all!
The Shade Store           NuLoomTEM Photo     WallpaperdirectMuddy HeartTonicLiving     FulCandles



And…Mister says thanks for stopping by!



14 thoughts on “How to Refresh Your Decor Style for Spring

  1. Boo, my original comment disappeared!

    Seriously so beautiful, Lea! Your pictures are stunning. I was oohing and aahing as I scrolled down to each picture.


  2. Your pictures are stunning my friend!! 🙂 And my favorite of the entire post…. “This is where loud voices, big personalities and even bigger hearts live.” All the heart emojis here girlie!!!!!!


  3. Lea! Your home is gorgeous! I LOVE how your shades turned out and that wall! Makes me want to find a wall to cover with the same paper! Stunning work my friend!

    Thank you for all your hard work bringing such an amazing group of ladies together. I have loved getting to know you better and am honored to be part of this blog hop with you!


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