Choosing a Paint Color

As you know we’re building our farmhouse and during the process we had to make TONS of choices, and one of them was paint colors. I thought I knew it all, I’ll just march right into that paint store and pick out a color and it won’t take me long at all because I know exactly what I want! Well…that’s what I thought anyway. Once I stepped into the store and began looking through paint chips, I quickly realized how daunting this could be and did I mention I left my husband out in the car? I was after all just going to run in and make my selections “real quick”. It took me days. Seriously. The last thing I wanted was to select a color that once on the walls I wouldn’t like and end up repainting so, I turned to lots and lots of resources for help. I looked at the way the light hit the walls in the room, the reflection of the dark wood floor, cool or warm, and what finish? Wait, finish? Yes, finish definitely matters and you want to pay attention to where you’re painting. After all, who wants that builder grade flat paint finish that basically every fingerprint sticks to and melts into the drywall when you try to wipe it down?

I’m all about sharing what I’ve learned and making things easier. (Just a little note: our contractor had an account with Sherwin Williams so we selected our paint from Sherwin Williams, I am by no means promoting or affiliated with Sherwin Williams). Here are some of my picks as well as what I selected for our own farmhouse at Creekwoodhill (I’ll get into selecting paint finishes in another post).Sherwin Williams Paint

My aesthetic is light and neutral but in putty hues (think of clay).  I love a good neutral and my décor for my home is simplistic. Our Urban Farmhouse is predominately white because I like for my walls to be the backdrop to my décor. Like a blank canvas. What does that mean? I’m a strong believer that your home interiors need breathing room. So while you may like bold colors, have loads of artwork or have an eclectic style give your eye a resting place. Have you ever walked into someone’s house and felt such an energetic vibe that it was almost chaotic? Well, take a look at not only the furniture and décor within the space but did that homeowner fill every square inch with something and have a bold or just as energetic color on the wall? Yeah. Hot mess right? If you are a collector like me, let your collection shine by not competing with your wall color. Love that new accent chair or rug? Let them stand out against your wall color.

Here I have put together some very similar choices in Benjamin Moore paint (again, please note that I am not promoting or affiliated with Benajmin Moore). What I’ve selected here are choices very similar to Our Urban Farmhouse picks only under the Benjamin Moore brand. PaintSo, now that I’ve shared our paint selections with you be sure to stop back and read about paint finishes. And…if you’re looking for help making your own paint selections or just need a quick consultation contact me, I’d be happy to help!



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