5 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Interior Decorator


  1. Save Money.

I know, I know, it sounds a little weird by hiring a professional you can actually save money. What I mean by that is professionals have access to many resources that often the consumer does not so procuring goods is often right at their fingertips or a simple phone call away and let’s not forget time is money. What may cost the average consumer weeks or even months and sometimes years (yes, years) to plan, design, source and procure as well as the amount of references and finding the right sub contractors to get the job done, a professional understands the process and timelines and what better way to rid yourself of the unwanted stress.


Before and After

2. Liaison.

Speaking of finding the right sub contractors, let your designer bridge that relationship between you and your contractors. Imagine how easy it will be to have one main point of contact for all your questions and concerns during your remodeling or building process. Listen, it’s our job to know and understand the construction and remodeling process and hiring a professional will take the guess work (and headache) away from you trying to communicate with your contractors and sub contractors as well as any vendors you may look to obtain goods from. Instead, your interior designer will facilitate, communicate and go to work for you on your behalf while managing the project you’re working on together.


3. Planning and Budgeting

Remember when I said time is money? Well, it’s also money well spent when hiring the right professional. Your designer will work with you to establish a budget and timeline that works best for you. Your professional knows how to handle unexpected pop ups that often happen in many remodels as well as new construction and can make the right adjustments to your plan, budget and timeline so that you can stress less and sleep better.



4. Home for Sale.

Hiring an interior designer can also be very beneficial during the selling process. I don’t think enough people realize the importance of staging a home for sale. After all, this is one of the best marketing strategies and gives that wow factor to potential buyers. An interior designer can be the difference between your home selling quickly and often times for a higher asking price than a house sitting on the market for a longer than expected period of time. And no one wants that right? We all know that the longer a house sits on the market most buyers tend to overlook it, and let’s be honest, most of them if pricing is not the driving factor it’s because the buyer wasn’t impressed with the way it looked or how it made them feel. When working with your designer to market your home the biggest compliment you could receive is a buyer that walks in the front door and never wants to leave (well…that and making an offer).


5. Tell Your Story.

Everybody has a story, what does your home say about you and your family? Do you host formal sit down diner parties, or are you more of a laid back barbeque in the backyard with the neighbors type of person? Do you have pets? Are you newlyweds or are you empty nesters? Do you have a passion for displaying artwork or listening to music? Your interior designer will work with you to understand the way you live. If your family is the jeans and t-shirt type of family why force them into formal living spaces and vice versa? When guests walk into your house do you want them to see a house or a home? Have you ever had a party and noticed how your guests will gravitate towards a certain room, or pull seating from other rooms or tables near seating to hold drinks and snacks? These are valuable clues that speak to the soul of your home. Let your professional interpret your family’s story and turn your house into the home it should be.




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