Sprucing Up Your Home for the Winter Holidays

Welcome, come on in and sit a spell with me while we go on a little mini-tour of how I decorated our home for the winter Holidays. I say “Holidays” because I generally have our tree up during Thanksgiving (I know…live in the moment, right?) and I leave the tree up until after the first of the new year so our winter decor sees a few Holidays, to say the least.

I’m not a big, luxurious decorator, I like to keep things very simple (almost minimalistic) in our home. Our kids have grown up and that probably plays into part of the reason but we also have 2 cats and now a puppy! Surprise! (she’s 13 weeks now and built like a little tank) so keeping things minimal is also a necessity for us right now. Ha!

So, how do I sprinkle Holiday cheer around our home? I first start with the focal piece (the tree!) Again out of necessity we went with faux (we have a semi-outdoor kitty that likes to pee under real trees), with that we have an indoor kitty that likes to climb them and did I mention the puppy?!


First, I must rave about this faux tree. This one is the 7.5 foot King Fraser Fir (unlit) by none other than the King of Christmas! You can shop this tree and many more, clicking this link Here. So, let me answer a few questions that may be running through your mind…(1) I chose unlit because I knew I wanted a different type of bulb on this tree so that when it’s not lit, they are still decorative. (2) the faux pine needles are AMAZING, really great quality and life-like bristles. (3) it was the simplest tree I’ve ever put together and I even took it down to see how easy it would be to store, they snap into place 1, 2, 3 and the arms fall down. (4) It’s so lush and full, I barely had to “fluff” it straight out of the original packaging.


I like to change the tree up every year or two, it keeps things interesting but also because I can never remember what I did to it the year before. (I mean, let’s just keep it real here).  This year I tried to go with a modern, very swanky approach and failed miserably. Apparently, I am not a hipster, folks. So last minute, I changed it to black and white. Then, all of a sudden I heard all this commotion about the new Hearth & Hand line at Target and all was not lost in the land of tree decorating!


Did I mention our fur babies? Glass ornaments don’t fare well in our home which also consists of wood floors because well, someone likes to knock them off the tree. My solution? I tied them to the tree. And I have to admit, I love the ribbon detail. I used leftover black grosgrain ribbon I had stashed away.


See, what I mean about the faux pine branches? If you’re searching for a faux tree, do yourself a solid and check out King of Christmas first.


(yup, I need a skirt…) actually, I’m on the fence about investing in one since the bottom quickly gets filled with gifts that block the view. What are your thoughts? Do you all use tree skirts or skip?

Continuing on our little tour, our home is very open concept, here our dining room sits right behind the tree and my vintage mid-century painting just didn’t flow cohesively from this view but I didn’t want to leave the wall bare either so I wrapped the painting in coordinating Hearth & Hand wrapping paper and used the same black ribbon I used on the tree.



Here I kept our table very simple too. Just some candles and a piece of faux garland. The larger hurricanes were already on the table so I really only added the center holder and the greenery. Talk about easy peasy, right?



As you can see our dining room also leads right to the kitchen. But before I share some Holiday cheer in our kitchen I want to turn you around to the little mini bar in the dining room.


During the Holidays I like to set up a little cocktail area that’s easy for guests to access and mix up their own beverages because well, I’m usually busy in the kitchen and this is a great way to not play bartender.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the details here (I’ll link sources below).


Here I just wrapped some black and white ribbon around a frame and simple touches of greenery and a bauble were enough for this little vignette.



To the left I used these little votive houses I found in the dollar section at Target last year and the little deer family are vintage (they were my grandmother’s and I remember how I would arrange them in her house every year as a child).


To the right is my little beverage station. AND this gorgeous Mia lamp by Mitzi, you can browse their newest line here. This was a perfect addition to a swanky little bar area, don’t you agree? I love the marble base (heavy enough to not topple over) and those beautiful glass globes have the perfect opaque-ness that provide a soft glow, especially with the attached dimmer.


The Mia balances well here and also gives that sculptural feel I love. This new Mitzi line is beautiful enough to stand on their own and shouldn’t all your lighting be accentuating? If I can lend one piece of design advice folks, don’t let your lighting be boring, elevate it and you’ll be surprised by how much great lighting personalizes your home.


Next, let’s take a peek into the kitchen. I didn’t do much here, during the Holidays I like to keep counters pretty clear because entertaining gets busy.


Here I created an arrangement as a mini focal piece.


Using a mix of fresh greenery from my local greenhouse down the street and mixed with a faux sprig of berries to add a pop of color.



Clearly, I’m not a florist but this simple arrangement I put together by mixing in the greenery (varying colors and textures such as the magnolia). I start with the larger pieces and stems and then add in the base (here, it was the magnolia). I also love when greenery sort of spills over like the cedar I used here. Lastly, I pop in a focal piece, in this case, I used the red berry sprig and a pinecone.


Another little area I have in my kitchen I like to spruce up is my floating shelves. Again, I didn’t do much of anything but some simple additions of fresh cedar, a festive little canister and a ribbon to dress up the dog food jar.


Oh, I did add a few more baubles here and there.


This little corner of mine needed a little pop of red too so I changed out my apron for a more festive one and again a little sprig of green.


Near my sink area, I always add this little vintage house that a dear friend of my grandmother’s painted. Little touches of my grandmother (who LOVED the Holidays) always bring back so many fond memories.


And of course I continue sprinkling little touches of cedar around (I mean a little cedar goes a LONG way). Ha!



See how decorating for the Holidays doesn’t need to be costly? In our house, I could never afford to splurge on too many pieces of Holiday decor and I have such design attention deficit disorder that by the next year I would probably be tired of it anyway as I’m always looking for new ways to keep it fresh.

So now that we’ve toured around a bit let’s walk back to the living room.



Keeping my black, white and green theme (with a pop of red) I added a vintage buffalo check throw and a green velvet pillow (found on Etsy searching “green velvet pillows”, I know…my design language is strong, right?) also, here is another lovely Mitzi lamp, this one is named the Layla (click here to customize your lamp). Again, I love the architectural design of this lamp, it’s like a piece of sculpture. I also love the heavy, concrete base (which unexpectedly complements my concrete coffee table) and the attached dimmer makes life so much easier!

Speaking of concrete, it’s puppy and kitty proof. #winning


A simple bowl of Shiny Brites and some greenery.


Here, I needed to warm up this space and a bold rug was in order.

Designer tip: rugs, throws, and pillows are an easy and cost-effective way to change up decor with the seasons.

Here I chose to layer the natural jute rug by Plush Rugs with this warm rug to add that pop of color in this room and clearly, someone else agrees with it, no?


In keeping with my simple decor, I’ve peppered around a few more touches in here.



I’ve probably kept you all here longer than you’ve anticipated but before you go, I want to share another little nook in our house that received a dose of Holiday cheer.

This is our little entryway. Keeping it simple and functional.


Oops, I should’ve cut those tags off under the bench. LOL!

The wreath and garland are by none other than the King of Christmas and I’ve received so many comments on how good they look, I love the tone on tone color too because it allows for depth and dimension.


Well, thank you so much for touring with me and I hope you enjoyed and took with you a couple easy decor ideas for your own home!

Wait! Someone else wants to say, farewell Friends!


It’s a crazy, baby hippo coming at you!


Remington says see you next time and don’t forget to say hello to our friends by continuing on with the tours linked below!

Happy Holidays!




Living Room – Jute Rug, Vintage-inspired rug, Christmas Tree, Round mirror, Media console, Armchairs, Sofa, Coffee table, Floor lamp

Dining Room – Table lamp, Chandelier, Dining table, Dining chairs, Stoneware vessel, Candleholder, Whiskey glasses

Entryway – Garland, Wreath, Bench, Coat rack, Pillow

A VERY special Thank You to my sponsors


King of Christmas

Plush Rugs

Photography by

TEM Photo

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One Room Challenge – Basement Remodel – Reveal – Week 7

We did it! We made it to week 7 of the One Room Challenge and you know what that means, it’s Reveal week! I’m so excited to share with you what we’ve been working on and I know these two homeowners are finally ready to start enjoying the fruits of their labor! So are you ready to see?

Come on in!eIMG_9223

So as you know this office space has two workstations (one for each of them) and so we pulled together bits of both of their individual styles while still achieving that cohesive look and feel. Let’s start with her side first as it’s the first side you see when coming down the stairs.


This client is a professional photographer and so it was important to capture her passion as well as her love of beautiful details.



I love how everything looks against the bright white background and the beautiful Wilsonart Quartz counters.



These counters turned out so beautifully and you can read more through previous posts here and here. This homeowner chose Quartz in Haida by Wilsonart who generously supplied these for this project. To find out where you can purchase from Wilsonart click the link to shop. My favorite is the subtle veining against the white Quartz that gives the look of real marble without the maintenance and upkeep of real marble. I can go on and on about Wilsonart, their quality, their products, their sustainability efforts, their service, and industry knowledge and if you’d like to read more about Wilsonart for yourself click here.


I also want to show you the cabinetry hardware. It’s these little details that make finishing a project like this so fun!


These beautiful pulls are by D.Lawless and can be found clicking this link here.  We love the dark contrast against all the crisp white. Very classic and sophisticated.



Here are a few more details that I love!



How cute is that little dog lamp, right?


Now I want to take you to His side.


I fell in love with those beautiful canvases of this adorable couple that I was determined to utilize them in their new space.


Here are a couple close-ups of all the fun details.



I love that cute metal wall bin for organization.

Next, let’s take a peek at the space behind their workspace!


If you know me, I can’t leave little corners like this alone. These are the perfect places to get creative and carve out a little nook like this one. Have I mentioned how creative and resourceful this client is? This little chest of drawers is actually an IKEA hack and those adorable pillows she made herself!


The patina on this old crate is just gorgeous, isn’t it? I absolutely love a piece like this one! This client sure has an eye for great detail!

And here’s a little close up of those pillows she made!


Isn’t that chest beautiful?! I love the two-tone paint and those knobs are the perfect embellishment!


I love that little corner!

Now, let’s turn around again and look back at the office space so you can visualize the layout a little better.



So if you’ve followed along through the past 6 weeks you’ve seen everything from demolition, to electrical installation, sheetrocking, paint, trim, etc. as well as cabinetry installation, countertops and flooring. It’s been a whirlwind past couple of months but I think this couple will admit it was worth all of the pain. They now have a gorgeous and functional workspace!




Thank you all for following our journey and a VERY special thank you to our amazing sponsors!



D Lawless


Mocha and Ranger both say, until next time friends, thanks for stopping by!






Thank you to the hosts of the One Room Challenge!

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ORC Blue

Basement Remodel – Week 6 of the One Room Challenge


ORC Blue

Can you believe it’s week 6 already? And technically this would have been reveal week but surprise! The One ORoom Challenge has been extended another week! Thank goodness!

So this week we focused on TRIM! We also worked on getting the cabinet hardware figured out, did some touch-up painting from all the various installs, and installing door hardware!



I’m in love with the SW Repose Gray paint color against the white trim, in a basement with few windows for natural light, I wasn’t sure how dark this would end up feeling but I have to admit I love it!


Speaking of trim, this homeowner (Tiffany) tackled the trimwork herself and did an AMAZING job!



She’s even working on installing the cabinetry hardware herself! (I also did this in my own Kitchen in last Spring’s ORC, you can read about it here).


That’s also another close up of the veining in the beautiful Wilsonart Haida Quartz, which you can find here. You can also read more about these gorgeous Quartz countertops in our Week 4 progress post linked here.

One of the most important facts about Wilsonart besides their quality products and a vast variety of materials is that they’re eco-conscious and hopefully, that means as much to you as it does me. It’s so important to know what you’re bringing into your home right?! You can read more about their sustainability efforts through this link here.


We’ve also officially started cleaning for final staging as well, which is a HUGE job in of itself after almost two years of construction!


See how we’re taking it from here


To here


In the next/last few days before staging, we have what feels like a million nail holes to fill in the trim, corners to caulk, and hardware to install! It’s officially crunch time!

So stay tuned for next week because we are SO excited to share the final results with you all and reveal what all this hard work behind the scenes has been about!

See ya soon!



Thank you to our generous sponsors of the One Room Challenge, without you we could not have made this possible!





As always a special thank you to the hosts of the One Room Challenge!

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One Room Challenge – Basement Remodel Week 5

ORC Gold

Welcome back! I hope you’ve been following along with us as we made a TON of progress last week and I had some REALLY great information to share, if you missed it, click here to catch up!

So the One Room Challenge has been extended a week and while that is amazing news for those of us who needed that additional week, as a blogger this threw me off a bit. This week we were going to share some of the final details and finishing touches before the reveal but hey, we’re going to save that for next week.

Today I want to share a little peak at the styling inspiration board for the office. It’s such a light and bright space now with those cozy wood floors that I thought adding little touches of texture and playfulness as well as functional decor (as I like to call it) for Tiffany. What’s functional decor? Well, you know…pretty enough to stand out on it’s own but useful at the same time. So here we go!

Sass ORC

Tiffany is a photographer and so organization was key along with she has such a great eye for detail and softness and everything pretty I wanted to make sure to capture that too. Because who says an office should read boring? No way! This office is designed for the creative mind and artist so it had to evoke feelings of inspiration and fun energy.

Want to catch up on a few pics to see how far we’ve come? Here are a couple before and nows.


Buh bye ugly old wall paneling!

And this is now!


Gorgeous right? I’m so excited to share more but be sure to catch us next week where we’ll reveal a few of the finishing details before all our styling shenanigans begin!


See you next week!



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One Room Challenge – Week 4 – Basement Remodel

ORC Gold

Welcome back to our One Room Challenge! Looking back at last week we are finally making real progress, don’t you think? And things are about to get real! Real pretty that is! Should we get started?!


Ranger says come on in! Cabinets are in and counters installed! Yes, you heard that right! We have countertops! Speaking of countertops, remember this homeowner selected Wilsonart’s Haida Quartz click here for more details. Wilsonart was SO good to work with and they generously donated these beautiful slabs of Quartz for this specific project.  Wilsonart was extremely easy and pleasant to work with and the options were endless! I HIGHLY recommend Wilsonart if you’re in the  market!


This client/homeowner loved the simple and subtle detail of the veining running through the white quartz without feeling too dark or garish and I couldn’t have loved her decision more, it’s soft and pretty with just the perfect dose of detail.



See what I mean about the soft veining that runs through? Speaking of Wilsonart, did you know they supply a plethora of quartz choices? Click here to see more! And, did you know for over 60 years Wilsonart has been environmentally responsible? I hope that is just as important to all of you as it is to me when sourcing products for your home. To read more about Wilsonart’s sustainability efforts click here.



(I took you through this tour a little out of order because as you can see the cabinets have  been installed and they turned out absolutely beautiful!)



Both Tiffany and Andrew have been  SO hands on during this renovation and here Andrew is making some final door adjustments.



Tiffany working hard in her beautiful new work space! With Mocha busy supervising.


More cabinetry and countertop details.



And…how gorgeous did these floors turn out? Who said you can’t install wood flooring in a basement? Pfffft. This homeowner sure did and I LOVE the warmth it adds! And clearly Ranger approves!

As you can see we’ve made a LOT of progress this week and we continue to keep moving along because we can’t WAIT to show you the final reveal! (Plus, that means it’s time for the fun part, styling! And that’s where I get to come back in).


Hold on folks! If you’re interested in learning more and finding sustainable and eco friendly products for your own project Click here to find a retailer near you!


And we also could NOT have  done this project without the help of Capital Granite!


A HUGE thank you to Troy and his team for fabrication and installation!!! If you’re local and in the area, we HIGHLY recommend Capital Granite! Click here for more of their work and to contact their skilled team.


See you all next week when we start really wrapping up all the final details! And as always, thank you for stopping by!





A VERY special thank you to all involved and their generous donations!





And the hosts of the One Room Challenge

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One Room Challenge – Week 3 – Basement Remodel

ORC Blue

Welcome back to week 3 of the One Room Challenge and this week we made a LOT of progress! Come on in and check it out!


Final selections:
– Repose Grey on walls
– Custom color to match cabinets on ceiling
– Cabinets are a custom color that is partially white and a little cream.
– Flooring Pergo XP Highland Hickory


Check out this beautiful hardware by D. Lawless Hardware this client selected the oil rubbed bronze in the Atesia collection you can find it here.

Here are the selections for the cabinetry, hardware, AH-MAZING quartz countertop and flooring.


Now can we just pause here for a moment and take a closer look at these gorgeous quartz countertops? I’ll be sure to share extensive details with you in an upcoming post but here is a closer look at what this homeowner chose!

Wilsonart’s Haida Quartz is a beautiful, bright white counterop with black veining to VERY closely resemble carrara marble. Without ALL of the maintenance and worry of real carrara marble. Click here for more details and where to buy.


Ok, so are you ready to see how far we’ve come?! Put your glasses on because we’re about to leave the safety zone!




Look how bright and airy this basement is turning out!



This was a homeowner surprise that I did not know about and am in LOVE with!



This is a sneak peak into the bathroom addition. This is not part of the One Room Challenge but it is SO gorgeous I wish we could share! (Maybe my client will let us blog about it later!) Tiffany, if you’re reading this…hint. Inquiring minds want to hear more about it and see allll the details!



Look how cute sweet Ranger is! He’s so excited to share more with you but this is where we end this week. Be sure to check back next week for week 4 and many more updates like:

Countertop installation time!!!!


And some more fun details like this too!


Mocha cat says see ya next week!



Thanks for stopping by!



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ORC Blue

One Room Challenge – Week 2 – Basement Remodel

ORC Blue


Welcome back! I’m so glad you decided to follow along with our journey on this HUGE project! If you’re just tuning in we are in the midst of a complete basement remodel and what an overhaul it is! You can check out last week’s post here.

This week we have started all the sheetrocking. As you know we completed rough electrical and inspections so it as ok to finally close up the walls. I know this doesn’t look like much progress but let me tell you it is!



I know these aren’t all the pretty and styled photos but a lot and I mean A LOT of hard work went into getting us this far.


I know my client (Tiffany) is finally so relieved to move past the inspection point  because now it’s time to paint and this is when the space finally takes a turn and starts looking more like a room. Here are the paint colors this client has in mind. Is that a beautiful Mongolian fur throw below? Nah. It’s just Ranger!)



We tested these out during different times of the day and against lighting to see how these would work (colors are for their office, bathroom, bar/entertaining area and family room – but here for the ORC we are focusing on the office).

image3 (1)


Stay tuned to see what this client chose as well as the flooring!

image4 (1)


Hope to see ya’ll next week and thank you for stopping by to check on us!



ORC Blue

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One Room Challenge Week 1 – Basement Remodel

Sass Family Pic

Welcome back friends! Well, we’re officially in season 12 of the One Room Challenge and back at this basement remodel!


It’s been about 6 months so I thought I would recap the project these two homeowners are up to. First things first, meet Tiffany, Andrew and their adorable pup Ranger and sweet Mocha cat. These two homeowners desperately needed a work space at home and their basement allowed for the perfect setting. Last year’s One Room Challenge we shared some before pics of the space as well as some of the progress shots. Without making you have to scroll or search back I’ve included them here.


Buh bye ugly old wall paneling!
Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset


Now, this was an entire basement remodel but for the One Room Challenge we are going to focus on their office. So, what stopped us from the reveal last season? Well…besides all of demo, new electrical, plumbing (for their bathroom addition) and drywall there were these things called inspections and let’s just say that they’re not very quick. And so, our project was delayed waiting on inspectors and there just wasn’t any way we were going to make it in 6 weeks. (Oh and city inspectors don’t care when you tell them you need to be finished in 6 weeks for the One Room Challenge!) So in all ORC fairness once we passed inspections, the project  was put on pause (except for their bathroom, laundry room, guest bedroom, living room and entertaining area complete with a built-in bar). This fall we’ll share our process and progress of the new work space!

Here’s a few more before shots with progress, these were taken before we paused the office phase.


So needless to say, completing a project in this magnitude was a bit ambitious. Ok. A LOT ambitious. To give you an idea, here are the renderings for the entire space!

basement 2

See, and we’re just doing the office here. Talk about a project! This was a complete overhaul! Working with Tiffany and Andrew, it was important to be on the same page, and creating a basic idea board helped keep the overall aesthetic in our minds.

CWH Mood 1

While this isn’t their final product board it does help to visualize the materials together during a construction phase. Also, Tiffany is one resourceful client who has such a great eye of her own!

Well, there you have it! We are just getting started on the office and we can’t wait to show you and share all the details!

Check back next week for more progress!


Yours Truly,



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Simple and Easy Summer Entertaining Ideas For Everyone


Welcome Friends! I’m so glad you stopped by for our Summer Home Tour Blog Hop featuring 13 talented bloggers! If you’re coming from my friend Holli’s tour, isn’t she amazingly talented? She’s so fun, creative and sweet and I’m so glad you decided to stop on by! Today I am going to share with you 4 easy and super simple entertaining ideas for summertime! I’ve got something for everyone on this list! And who doesn’t love quick and simple ideas for those impromptu barbeques with friends, casual happy hours on the front porch and when all the neighborhood kids stop on by! So let’s get started!


  1. Pitcher Perfect Mojito

Here’s what you’ll need:

3-4 limes

¾  cups white sugar

¾ cups light rum

1 liter of club soda

2 bunches of fresh mint leaves (around 36 leaves)






Quarter slice 3-4 limes (save one lime for garnishing later)

In a large pitcher add mint leaves and quartered limes and muddle in the bottom of the pitcher until the limes have been juiced. Stir in rum and sugar. Gently stir in club soda until the sugar has dissolved.

Garnish low ball tumblers with sliced lime(s) and a mint sprig!






2.  Pretty n Easy Table Setting


When I know company’s coming over, I love to set up a pretty table because I feel it makes them feel welcome and comfortable. In advance I might browse Pinterest for a pretty inspiration but most importantly, I shop my own home first. I take stock of all the pieces I want to use on hand and pull them out and set them on the table. This helps me not only take inventory of what I have and what I may need later on but also helps me to visualize how my plates and dishes are looking together. I even pull out serve ware and flatware, glasses and stands that I think I might use. It’s always easier to visualize everything together even if you don’t end up using it all.




Now, don’t get me wrong folks I definitely have pulled out the paper plates and plastic silverware for plenty a get together but today we’re taking it up a notch to create a more inviting table.



If you know me, you know I’m a huge admirer of Em Henderson and her work and I have loved her new English garden feel of her new home. So this time, I wanted to take a little bit of that same feel to create my table.



The wood acacia chargers, are the only new items and were purchased from West Elm (I am not  sponsored or affiliated with this brand) but they pair perfectly with the white dinnerware that were already mine, the vintage, Lucite flatware were gifted to us from my husband’s great-aunt (see my previous post HERE) and the blue hobnail glasses I think I may have purchased from Homegoods about 2-3 years ago, and the red and white napkins are true IKEA staples. Continuing shopping my home, I pulled out a large candle holder that compliments the cake stand that I’m using to hold my beverage dispenser and the little place cards I picked up last year in the Target dollar section.



I love a pretty table, and by layering textures and pieces, it creates visual balance and makes a place setting feel that much more special to your guests. The addition of pillows also warms up a tablesetting, here I’ve used the Everette pillow in navy by Studio Pillows.




Now that all that hard work is done, feel free to sip on that mojito!



3. Easy Breezy Flower Arrangements


Full disclosure here, I am by no means a florist. But when I want to create a little pretty on my table and around my home I pick up a few bunches of fresh and inexpensive flowers from either the local Farmer’s Market or Trader Joe’s! And who doesn’t love Trader Joe’s, right?!



I prefer to separate my bunches of flowers when I get home and shopping my own home, I gather up left over jars that I’ve saved from pasta sauces, jelly, cocktail mixers…(wink)


I then begin clipping my flowers  and I start to make mini arrangements, keeping one larger flower per jar as a focal point, and filling in with smaller stems and greenery.



Next, I like to add whatever pretty ribbon, string and/or trimmings I have on hand or have saved from gifts and packages I have received to add a little more personality. Lastly, if I’m using the mini arrangements as an addition to my place settings I will tie a little name tag on them for a little personalization and gift them to my guests to take home at the end of the evening.


Some of the larger jars I’ll scatter around my table or around the house or porch to add color and pretty up a space or a corner.





4. S’mores Fun Anyone?


Now that the summer evening sky has falling upon us, what summer get together wouldn’t be complete without a bonfire?! And what goes around an outdoor fire pit best besides telling stories? S’mores!


Here I pre-made some s’more packs that everyone can grab easily and make their own.


Here’s what you’ll need:

Graham crackers

Chocolate bars


Treat bags



Mmmmm…now look around you and look at all the smiles (albeit messy ones) on all their faces!

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope I have inspired you with some fun and simple ideas for entertaining this summer! Be sure to check out Brandi at Don’t Disturb This Groove Blog next! You won’t want to miss out on her beautiful home!

See you next time!





Be sure to stop by and say hello to all my friends and have fun visiting with them in their home!


Bees N Burlap

Don’t Disturb This Groove Blog

Farmhouse For Five

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This Rustic Cottage


A very special Thank You to TEM Photography



Summer Home Love Graphic

Modern Kitchen Makeover Reveal

Good morning! This is week number 6 of the One Room Challenge, hosted by Calling it Home  and House Beautiful! And…you know what that means…it’s reveal week! Whew! We finally made it! High five! Today I will share with you my journey and how I took our new construction kitchen and created a space of warmth and personality that ties into the rest of our home. I wanted to take the most hardworking room in the house and turn it into a space that didn’t feel like the hardest working room in the house. Here goes…

ORC Gold

As you may have seen in my previous blog posts (click Here and Here if you want to read more about them) our home is about a year old and our kitchen is an all white kitchen. While I love white on white kitchens it’s important to keep them from feeling cold and sterile. In fact the only design element that brought warmth into our kitchen were the medium toned wood floors.

Farmhouse Barn Lights

Now, I love a modern farmhouse aesthetic and feel so that is the look I was going for. Moving into our home we were on a very tight decorating budget but I was able to take it from cold to warmer.

Kitchen Style


First up were the shades on the windows for some much-needed privacy and I turned to none other than The Shade Store. We chose the Waterfall Woven Wood shade from the naturals collection in Tahoe Oak, for a close up of our selection click Here. This is one beautiful, modern and minimalistic shade that added just enough visual warmth and texture without taking away from the clean lines of the cabinetry.



I also peppered in some greenery to help bring life to the space as well as seating around the island but to me it was still lacking something. So… after we finished the Spring Home Love home tour blog hop (click Here for that blog post) I decided it was time to kick it up a notch.

It was time to put pen to paper and think about some of the things I would love in my kitchen if I could have them. Here are the top 3 that were most important to me:

  1. Display Space
  2. Color
  3. Balance

Our kitchen is an L shaped kitchen and to me, it was looking off-balance and symmetry is important to me. But in order to do so would be tricky because we don’t have the space on the 3rd wall to add full cabinetry and maintain the ability to still walk past the island. From the side of the island to the wall are just 43 inches. What to do? I turned to Ikea. I mean they are pretty amazing when it comes to small spaces, right? Ikea is where I ran into the Eket cabinet measuring under 10 inches deep was just what I needed! This still leaves us with over 33 inches of walk space between the island and now the cabinets. Here I took two Eket cabinets and decided to “float” them on the wall. I mounted them 14 inches off the floor so they feel taller than the island. Next, I needed the display space I always wanted so I selected the Lack shelves. We have 9 foot ceilings so I decided to use 3 shelves keeping 12.5 inches between my three to the ceiling (I did keep 19 and 3/4 inches from the top of the cabinet to the 1st shelf).

Lack shelves

Lack shelves 2

I later added hardware to jazz up the white cabinetry to match the rest of the kitchen cabinetry hardware using D. Lawless’ beautiful hardware in Artesia Sedona Bronze. If you’re in search of great quality hardware with affordable prices be sure to check out D. Lawless!


If I had to list my top 3 easy and affordable design elements to update a kitchen, I’d say they would be:

  1. Change out cabinetry hardware
    1. It’s all in the details!
  2. Swap light fixtures
    1. Let great lighting be the jewelry to your space!
  3. Paint
    1. Color can change the look and feel to anything!



Next up…lighting! While I love the vintage barn lights that were hanging in our kitchen, they weren’t right for the feel I was going for and light fixtures are a pretty simple change!

For light fixtures I love a statement, as stated above I like to think of them as the jewelry to a room. So design, quality, and craftmanship are my priorities. Over the kitchen island I selected the Webster pendant by Hudson Valley Lighting (click the link to go right to the source!). What I love about the Webster’s are their classic shape but modern design and the brass complimented well with the cabinetry hardware as well as the black contrasted well against all of the white. I chose two Webster pendants in the 14 inch option because our kitchen island is 80 inches wide. These make the perfect statement looking into our kitchen from front on without obstructing the large window behind them.





We also needed new lighting for our cooking area, but not necessarily task lighting, I was looking more for ambient lighting. Our challenge? On one side of the vent hood we only have 6 inches to the refrigerator cabinet surround. That means…little room for shade diameter. That’s where Sazerac Stiches came to the rescue, I chose the Loa sconce in all matte black. I feel the black gives a nice contrast to the white cabinetry and white shiplap wall.



Next? On to the fun part! Decorating!



I first shopped my own home and artwork was the first item on my decor punch list! Who says artwork can’t work in a kitchen? Pffft. Not this girl! Art instantly adds color and personality. Next, functional pieces that display beautifully such as serving pieces, cake stands, platters, dessert plates and bowls. Peppered in for some more color are vases, greenery and fresh flowers.





To sum up how I added warmth and personality to my kitchen?

  • Symmetry. Even when you don’t have it, you can create it visually like I did by adding carefully selected pieces that don’t take up square footage but create balance and focus.
  • Gold accents are a perfect way to warm up the all white space being gold is a warm tone.
  • The beautiful woven wood shades were the perfect warm tone and texture and they balance the warmth of the wood floor.
  • Statement fixtures not only contribute functionality for tasks and ambiance they pack a huge visual punch!
  • Artwork and non-kitchen decor pieces bring in warmth and personality as well as carry the look and feel from other rooms in your home to your kitchen.
  • Greenery, fresh flowers and candles. Because I said so.





Looking into the kitchen (we have an open concept) the dining room plays a very intricate part and one that couldn’t go untouched with the kitchen refresh. Here we have a very large (measuring 93 inches long) farmhouse style table that’s VERY heavy…the previous small farmhouse style light fixture was just lost floating above it measuring only 24 inches in diameter. It definitely did not balance well nor pack the visual punch it would need to play with the new Webster pendants.  So who did I turn to again for the solution? Yup, you got it! Hudson Valley Lighting! This time I needed something mammoth in size, this piece needed to not only compliment the Webster pendants, it needed to also say, I’m HERE! And who else could announce their place at the diner table better than the Fleming chandelier! Talk about drop. dead. gorgeousness! Designer tip: throw this baby on a dimmer! Talk about a statement fixture! Va va va voom! This is more like a piece of artwork all by itself! Beware this beauty is swanky and sexy! Get your martinis, bourbon and champagne ready for a toast under this canopy of lights!






Rewind…back to reality. This is a home of a family of 4 (plus two cats) and let’s be honest most nights we’re gathered around our table for a quick and easy meal before rushing off to busy activities. But who says the Fleming is only for formal cocktail hours? Stop. It.

Balance folks. Real Life. Contrast. Compliment.

How do you dress up a pair of ripped and destroyed jeans? A great pair of shoes!

AND…just the opposite. How do you dress down a sport jacket and blouse? Rolled up boyfriend jeans!

What am I trying to say? What does clothing have to do with this light fixture? Well…nothing. But then again…everything.

Here I’ve set our table for a fun and casual meal at the table. Vintage gold-rimmed dinner plates (inherited by my husband’s great-aunt) are topped with inexpensive salad plates and napkins picked up from Homegoods. Beautiful, crystal Reidel wine glasses pair with inexpensive tumblers from Target. Oh, that gorgeous Lucite silverware? Let me tell ya, my husband’s great aunt was one stylish lady! Yes, she was! Add bread/cheese boards, candles and fresh flowers and you’re all set! All under that swanky light fixture!






And yes, we really do have family game nights, food fights and even table ping-pong right under this piece of art!


There you have it! A little tour of my 6 week project and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! (See below for a complete list of participating sponsors).




ORC Blue



I cannot thank these folks enough for their help in making this project a reality!


Hudson ValleyTEM Photo

The Shade Store

SazeracD Lawless


I would also like to give a very special THANK YOU to the hosts of the #OneRoomChallenge

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